Evan Peter’s “American Animals” Casting Models in Atlanta

American Animals is now casting models to play casino hostesses and bankers.  Auditions will take place on March 6th in Georgia.  The first open call will take place earlier in the week in Atlanta and other soon to be announced locations.


This film is a true story about a group of four friends that organized one of the craziest heist in history.  The film will star American Horror Story star Evan Peters and three other famous actors yet to be announced.  The movie will be co-financed and developed by Film4 and Al Film and the producers are Aviv Filadi and Len Blatvatnik.  It is technically an indie film, but the project is very ambitious so the casting team has chosen well known actors to play the main roles.

As for the supporting cast, the team wants to hire dozens of up-and-coming actors that are not yet established in the industry.  This is great news for you because that means there is plenty of room to be an extra or even featured actor in American Animals.  This is a great opportunity as a model because you will be directly on screen of a big movie with famous actors.


This is a tremendous opportunity to be apart of a promising film with famous actors and well known producers.  Not only will you gain experience, but you will earn money and meet plenty of industry professionals that can guide you in the right direction.  The film industry is all about who you know and making good impressions on the people that you do know.  If you establish a good relationship with one director or actor you may find yourself cast for a bigger role in one of their movies or shows in the future, you never know!

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