Family Game Night Auditions and Castings

Family Game Night
Family Game Night

The HUB is bringing Family Game Night back!!! This is your opportunity to be on TV and compete for prizes along with your entire family. Family Game Night is being hosted by Todd Newton. He will guide the families through challenging life sized versions of  classic games such as Connect four and Sorry. The families will compete for prizes and the ultimate chance to make a widthdrawl from the ATM machine. The minimum age for the show is 8.

Family Game Night features two families of four competing for cash and prizes. Each family consists of the mother, the father, and two children aged 8 to 18. At the end of each round the winning family gets to pick  a Monopoly Crazy Cash Card from a rack located at the “Crazy Cash Corner” .Each card holds a different randomized amount of money, which is revealed at the end of the show. Most of the cards are valued between $200 and $995.

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