Family Survival Show on Discovery Casting Nationwide


Discovery Channel Casting Families

Be ready, be charged and be warned! Discovery channel is set to air  a brand new family survival series that will take thrill to the next level. You may have seen family reality shows, where synergic families participate and they have to work collaboratively to win BUT, this competition is entirely different. The show will be casting families at war, families that just can’t bear to get along.

You can’t live with them; neither can you live without them. Here is an exciting new series that aims to reconcile families that just cannot live together. Do you think your family is just too weird? Do you not get along with your siblings, ever? Do your children or parent just not understand you? Are you envious when you see other families getting along perfectly? Well, we know exactly how you feel, and we have the perfect solution for you. Discovery Channel is coming with an exhilarating reality television series on Discovery will help you come closer to your family. AND, the castings have begun!

Don’t miss the opportunity

Don’t miss the chance to nominate your family for a tropical survival series, where you may be able to: come closer together, bury the hatchet, or at least, be able to tolerate one another. The nominated families will be set off on a trip, where they will be tested to their limits. Once you’re selected, you will be given tasks that require cooperation, understanding and collaborative efforts of your family. Will the thirst for winning, bring you together? Or will your egos stand in your way? Nominate your family and you will find out.

The casting crew of the channel is looking for families, nationwide, who are ready to enter an ultimate survival show and to show America if they have what it takes to win. Your family does not need to be an expert survivalist in order to apply. However, you will need to master the skills of synergy and cohesiveness to win. The exotic 14-day survival experience in the wilderness is guaranteed to give you and your family an experience of a lifetime. Do not miss the opportunity to star in one of America’s most watched television channels.

How to apply:

If you think you have it then do not hesitate in nominating your family for the quest. The process of applying is simple: Just email us recent photographs of your family members along with some details. Be sure to include: names, ages, relations, and a short explanation to why we should select you.

Remember castings will close by the end of June 2016, so be sure to apply before that. Selected contestants will be called any time between May and October 2016.

Requirements for applying:

All applicants must be legal residents of the U.S.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

Extended families can be considered, in some cases.

Deadline for applying:

End of June 2016.

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