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Figure It Out
Figure It Out- Nickelodeon

Do you have a special skill or talent and you want to win some cool prizes??? Figure It Out the popular 90’s game show is back on Nickelodeon and its better than ever. The show began airing again on June 11 and is hosted by Jeff Suphen. If you have a special talent or have done something cool than Nickelodeon wants you to be a contestant. The judges of the new Figure It Out will be Rachel Crow, Drake Bell and Victoria Justice. They will have to guess your special talent and if they don’t they will bet slimed. The new series will have a few additions to the new format. And according to producer  Magda Liolis the new version will have even more slime and laughs.

Each episode has two sets of three timed rounds, in which the panel takes turns asking yes-or-no questions to try to guess the contestant’s talent. Each time a panelist says a word that is part of the phrase that describes the secret talent, the word is turned over on a game board displaying the puzzle. The contestant wins a prize after each round that his or her talent remains unguessed and if the secret is not guessed after the third round the contestant will win a trip.

There will be a few additions to the new version such as “It Board” which haveseven flatscreen monitors to display the contestants’ hidden talents replacing the manual flipboard.

Castings are not under way for kids under 21 to be contestants on the show. If you would like to apply to be on Figure It Out please submit the application with basic information along with contact information and a brief description of your talent or skill. For more information on casting dates and filming times please keep checking back often and leave us a comment.

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  1. Hi im caitlain and i love to dance and act.I even know parts of the verses and the whole chorus of gangnam style.It would be great if i got picked!

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