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Fix This Yard
Fix This Yard- A&E

Does your or your neighbors yard need a “yard makeover”?? Fix This Yard is a new show on A&E that might be able to help you out. If you have the ugliest yard on the block or you just want a complete yard makeover than this might be the show for you. The producer Nancy Glass in casting for her new reality home makeover show on A&E.  They are looking for the most run down yards they can find in the New Jersey an Philadelphia area. If you have cars parked in your front yard or if you have more weeds and junk than grass than Fix This Yard and A&E want to help you.

Hosts Amy Devers and Alan Luxmore are hosting a new show on A&E Fix This Yard. Together with the home owners and some money they will transform Americas ugliest yards into some of the nicest yards in the neighborhood. They will also teach the homeowners how to upkeep the yards and boost the value of their house and turn that ugly run down yard into something that is only seen in dreams.


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  1. Help!!! I have awful drainage issues, which is causing flooding, mosquito & frog problems. The city, county, or state will help me. I just want a yard that I can manage. The above stated issues makes this impossible. I live in a small town names Millbrook, Alabama.

  2. Please help my husband and I fix our backyard. We live in Ontario, CA. We have been married now for a year, brought our house while in the process of getting married and moved in a few months after. We are young couple. We watch your show, and others just like it, now we are in hopes that we can be blessed to have you FIX OUR YARD. We have a big spacious backyard, that needs a lot of work and we just don’t know what to do. This home is the start of our legacy for our family to come. We would love and appreciate your help. PLEASE HELP US. We have no clue, what to do, or even to start. We have small trees, dead grass(that wont stay alive), and much space filled with NOTHING. HELP, HELP, HELP PLEASE. We love to entertain with our young people and love to have a space where we could all gather and enjoy beautiful scenery and each other. We would love to be a part of the show, and to have fix this piece of our lives that isn’t quite done.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. My son and daughter- in-law bought a home in chatsworth, ca. We are calling it the cat/frat house. There is so much to do to get the smell of smoke and cats out of this house that there is no budget left for landscaping. The have only s few weeks to move in before they have their first baby. If you need a work in progress please consider them as they could deffently use your help.

  4. Hello from Clarksville Tennessee, My name is Courtney I am a single mom of a physically disabled four year old little boy. Four years ago I found myself pregnant with my son losing everything I had and living in a domestic violence shelter, the first home my son came home to was that shelter. I told him everyday that no matter what he would always be number one and I would create a good life for him, I worked very hard over the last four years finding us a bigger better home to rent each year while I built my credit in hopes to one day have a home to call our own. This year in January I finally did it and bought our first home, I used my little boy back disability money for both the down payment and repairs and add one for our yard. I payed over $8,000 to a contractor for a privacy fence, deck, gravel for our driveway and to fill the ground just feet from our new home that is washing away with the creek that runs along side our home because without this being filled in a years time that land will reach the house and it will eventually surcom to the creek as well, mulch for the whole front of the house, dog wood trees down our driveway and a pig pen for our potbellied pigs. The contractor put up our privacy fence and then I made a decision I have regretted ever since, I decided to pay the contractor all of the money even though the job wasn’t complete so that I’d have one less thing to worry about. I trusted he would finish everything I payed for but unfortunately he took off with that money, my sons disability money, the money to make our first home all ours and now all I have is a blank front yard, muddy long driveway and every time it rains I watch that land wash away a little bit closer to our home. I have called the police and am told this is a civil case which basically means I can spend more money to sue him and he can file bankruptcy or just not pay at all, I refuse to fork out even another dollar for this guy to be able to take f on me and my son. We don’t have family here, we don’t have friends, my dream was to buy a home (I did) next I wanted to make that home friend friendly so that my son and I could make friends and invite them over for barbecues, bonfires, swimming, laughs, we would be proud of what we built and our new friends would be not coming over. This was all stolen from us and without help we may even lose the house to the creek. Please help us! Can send photos and video just tell me where. Thank you
    Courtney Kendzierski and Logan

  5. Hello. I would be absolutely astounded to have our backyard get a makeover. We had our house built 5 years ago and have a good size backyard. Last year I had a friend of mine stain the deck and it didn’t go very well. Stain got all over the concrete patio underneath the deck, all over the spindles on the deck and on the siding of the house. The deck is not a mess and we haven’t spent anytime in our backyard at all. My husband travels and I am a full time employee, full time student, a mother and a wife. I would love nothing more than to have a nice backyard to sit in and enjoy time with my family when we can. Our son loves to be outside, but as of right now he will not go in the backyard. My yard has one bush and nothing else. It is in major need of a makeover. We love to entertain and do what we can. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your consideration,

    Tracie Henry

  6. Hi. I am a single mom of three boys . Two of which live at home . My neighbors 20 foot wall is about to fall into my back yard . I don’t know much about fixing up my yard. I can’t seem to keep plants alive . My hard is very ugly . We don’t have enough parking so we park on the grass . I could really use you help. I haven’t really been able to use much of my yard in the past 11 years as my neighbors wall drains on my property and erodes it.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering me .
    Donna B

  7. Hello from Duluth, Minnesota!! I know I’m crazy for even writing in since I don’t live in the New Jersey/Philidalphia area. I’m just wondering if you have ever or will ever travel for a show. So… do or will you? Please say yes! We built our house in 2006 and I have not yet accomplished what I want my yard to be. I home school my kids so we are home alot. When I am outside I would love to enjoy a wonderful backyard for my kids to play in. Along with some beautiful gardens and pavers ( or something .) I would LOVE to stop dealing with our muddy driveway and uneven lawn. If only ou could make my DREAM become REALITY

  8. I just watched an episode of Fix Your Yard and was hoping for my yard to be the next project on the show next time you will be in Los Angeles area. I live in Glendale and my front and backyard would be a great project for you to feature next time you are in need of drought tolerant project. I have tried to take care of the yard myself but it is too overwhelming with my health and financial challenges. Thanks very much.

  9. Hi! I would love to apply for a yard makeover, in particular an area that has become overgrown with trees, weeds, out-of-control ivy & pachysandra, etc. I’m sure the rest of the yard can use some sprucing up as well. As a single-mom working full-time, and as much as I love to garden & work outside, I just don’t have the time or financial resources available to do it all, especially take down a handful of trees and prune others……it’s overwhelming and I would like to get my yard to a manageable state. Not to mention how bad I feel that my neighbors have to look at it. You do a great job for those in need, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, can you work a miracle in my yard!?
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Nancy D.

  10. It has been almost 10 years I have been working on remodeling the family house and I keep getting stuck. So I am reaching out for help in hopes to finally have a home that is pleasing & befitting the neighborhood but also and more importantly, a healthy space in which humans can finally begin to blossom towards a positive life which in turn can lead to making a difference all around.
    As I am a on=hands homeowner, your show is even more enticing as you involve the owners in the work.
    I hope you will consider helping rekindle the fire of these frustrated individuals, bringing them back to life…

  11. I liked the show on 17 Sep, 2015, and I was wondering if you could help me. My husband died 10 Sep 15. I want to make a studio apt in basement. I need a space away from all the memories upstairs & 47 yrs together. My daughter is afraid of my safety and tells me that I can’t live down there because I don’t have a “safe exit” (walkway) to driveway, my back yard is a mess and lumpy and not useable, but it is better than spending my nights walking in dead rooms. I did a lot of work around & in the house, but I need help; check out my house on sky map?? my back yard has no life-like me. It’s okay if you don’t answer, I’m sorry for taking your time.

  12. My husband and I live with my mother whose husband left her a year ago for another woman. My mom makes good money but can’t afford to live here alone. This is my gma’s house, so this house always has, and always will be in this family. My mom’s ex was pretty good at making things “pretty” but now that he’s gone, my mom is worried that her beloved mother’s house won’t become her dream home. We desperately need help with the backyard! It’s small but has potential. None of us can afford to fix it, nor do we have the time and skill. PLEASE HELP US!!

  13. So here it goes,
    Please help, fix my yard. We recently had a tree fall on our garage and now we are looking to spruce up this crazy back yard with some expert help. Our family would be great! Two children; Ava 7 and Gianni 2, who would love to have their play area put back together!! Parents; Russ, 38 and Jami 37, hoping for some poor soul to take on this crazy family.
    We would love for you to choose us!!

  14. So here it goes, my husband Russ and I and our 2 children are looking for a little help. I wouldn’t say we have the ugliest yard on the block, it is actually quite nice. However, when a tree falls crushes the garage and awesome playhouse and you want to remodel a little expert opinion could help.
    If you are willing to connect with me and recognize the Potential of our family and our yard, we would love to hear from you.
    Thanks, Jami

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