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NBC Game Show Food Fighters

NBC has green lit their new culinary TV show Food Fighters. Hosted by TV personality/author/food enthusiast Adam Richman, the Electus/Universal TV-produced series will feature a top-notch amateur home cook facing off one by one against six professional chefs from every corner of the world. Food Fighters puts home recipes to the ultimate test and rewards the passion Americans bring to their home kitchens every day and this is your chance to audition for the show. If you are an Amazing home cook ir you ever wondered how your dishes would stack up against a those of a professional chef than the casting directors want to hear from you. Castings for Food Fighters are now being held so do not miss out on your chance apply now!In a series of compelling, tension-filled showdowns, a top-notch amateur home cook will face off one by one against six professional chefs from every corner of the world. Armed only with recipes for their best signature dishes, and three culinary “lifelines” afforded each cook, they’ll square off against an expert chef who will have to cook the same dish. The completed dishes will then be sampled in a blind taste test by an esteemed panel of culinary judges known as “The Dinner Party.” After the two competing dishes are tested, the verdict determining the winner is given to the host.

If the home cook wins, he can earn a cash prize and get to face off again against another culinary expert, climbing a money ladder with increasing cash prizes for every professional chef he knocks out. If the professional chef wins, the kitchen battle is over.

Castings and auditions for Food Fighters are now being held. If you are interested in auditioning for the popular NBC show pleases send your resume along with contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates, times and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the idea for NBC’s new game show Food Fighters.

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  1. I would be honored to show my skills as a home cook as well as a chef went to school and would love the opportunity to go in front of the best to show them what I can do all my recipes and my knowledge are passed on by history of my family

  2. hai,I was searching for wall ttxuere as in this video but didnt searched in cgtexture and arroway but no similar ttxuere was found.Do anyone have this kind of material? Or do anyone know from where to get? Please help when you are free

  3. I would love the opportunity I’m the perfect candidate, I am a home cook with a passion for food and recipes that only can be past down from “big momma.”

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