FOX Show Casting Models for Red Carpet Scene

Casting directors are looking for beautiful models to play celebrities on the red carpet and models to play hosts during a fancy event.  The show is a FOX affiliated show called The Resident.  They need all types of talent to play featured roles in the upcoming show. Filming will take place between March 20th through April 9th.


The Resident is about a man named Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal).  He is a young doctor that begins his first day working with senior resident Conrad Hawkins.  Hawkins is known hide, cover-up, and alter the practicality of typical modern medicine.  With Hawkins, all is out the window, and his unique and risky ways will shatter all expectations for the young medical professional in training.  Lives may be saved or lost, and it will all fall on Devon.


When: March 20th – April 9th

Where: Washington D.C.

Specific Roles

This is a great opportunity to appear in a brand new show on a huge network. This is a great chance for you to earn money and gain exposure on FOX. This is a bigger role than normal because you have the potential to earn a role with have lines and a speaking role.  Modeling and acting go hand in hand, and appearing on a huge network will only help to build your resume.  If a producer or director likes your look and needs a model for their new movie, you might find yourself with an even bigger role! Apply now!

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