Fun Senior Extras Needed for Student Film


Senior extras are required in NC for a student film 

Type of Performance: Student Film

Required: Seniors from the age of 50 to 80 years

Audition Date: Send profiles before January 01, 2016

Location: Winston Salem-NC

Payment Mode: Unpaid

Are you a senior citizen willing to make the golden years of life more creative? Do you have the charisma of screen presentation and acting skills? Then here is an opportunity for you.

The Third Year of UNSCA is preparing to take auditions for extras for the film, ‘Gertie Gunther Knits a Stitch’. The film will be shot at Winston-Salem NC, but the auditions will be taken at different locations. The applicants can send their profiles before January 01, 2016. The Extras Coordinator will choose profiles of candidates and conduct short interviews and auditions. Some applicants may also be required to send videos of their acting skills.

About Movie

The film revolves around a knitting competition (at high speed) in which senior citizens are participating to knit their names as quickly as they can. The seniors are required to play the role of knitting competitors. One of the elders will knit the name at highest speed and become knitting legend. People of different ages are also required for playing the role of the families of knitting competition competitors.

The knitting legend is Gartie Gunther.  She is stuck in a hum-drum routine with her husband Vernon. Vernon spends the day watching televised racing while Gartie Gunther spends the day knitting while watching television.

Some of Gartie’s friends hear about the knitting competition and encourage Gartie to participate in it. Both husband and wife accept the challenge and become excited about leaving their boring routines. This is how Gartie enters the competition and wins it.

The casting crew is planning to shoot on the weekend of January 23-25 but they require profiles before January 01, 2016 to shortlist the candidates. The post will be updated by UNCSA if there is a change in the plan of shooting.

Although it is an unpaid job, it is definitely a cool opportunity to work with UNSCR and make your acting skills shine. You don’t need to have good looks or toned up physique for this role. Send your profile to to become a part of the team of this movie. All you need for this role is to be age 50 to 80 years and have free time shooting on weekends in January.

Even if you are not interested in the job, you may know some older people with acting experience, so don’t hesitate to ask them. This may be a good opportunity for anyone to begin a career as a movie star. So don’t wait and send your resume now!

This job was originally posted by Nate King, who is currently working as Extras Coordinator for a film being shot by third year students of UNCSA.

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