Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Gerber Baby
Gerber Baby

Do you have a newborn at home and you think they can be the face of a multimillion dollar company/ Well here is your chance to enter your baby for the Gerber Baby Photo Contest and possibly start them on a path towards other modeling jobs for kids in the future. Parents of children up to 48 months of age are encouraged to upload their favorite photo of their children for a chance to win a grand prize of  $50,000 cash prize and the opportunity to star in an upcoming advertisement for Gerber .In addition to the grand prize winner, six Milestone winners will be selected from each Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Milestone category – Birth+, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler and Preschooler. The Milestone winners will each win a $10,000 Gerber Life College Plan. If you think that you might have a star at home than you do not wan to miss out of the Gerber Baby Photo Contest.

Owned by global food giant Nestle Gerber Baby has more than 200 baby offerings include the ubiquitous glass jars of baby food. The company, which had its beginnings in 1927 in Dorothy Gerber’s kitchen, also makes baby formula, cereal, juices, and Gerber Graduates toddler food, along with baby bath and skin care products, bottles, teethers, pacifiers, breastfeeding accessories, spill-proof cups, and infant toys. The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest is looking for the perfect child to be the new face of their legendary brand and they are accepting submissions from healthy and happy babies that have the look to light up the bottle of baby food.

This is your chance to show off your new bundle of joy to the world and start a model search for you child that could benefit them in the future. If you are interested please submit the application along with a photo. Please  keep checking back often for further updates.


  1. My son will be 6 months and is the cutest red curly haired baby his name is Gabriel but we call him Gabe. Gerber Gabe sounds great

  2. I have a 7month old and a 3yr old both girls both with red hair and they love the camera and ready to smile away

  3. I think my daughter kha’lie has what it takes to be the next Gerber baby and I actually got the suggestion from some one who saw her and she’s always smiling and laughing she would be perfect I just ask for one chance to prove it.

  4. Makaila was ready for this. African American and Puerto Rican. She will light up any room. Very smart and polite. A real character. My angel was here before. 31 months.

  5. my baby girl turning 10 months this April 4, 2016. She are half american and filipino. she is cute baby and they said my baby should try to join the baby contest. and she loved to eat all product from gerber. thank you so much…

  6. My son is 4 months, and me and my husband has been told numerous times that we need to get him into modeling, he is so beautiful and has the most beautiful smile..

  7. My son is 8 months and I have been told I need to get his face out in the world so this is my attempt. He is beautiful.

  8. My little boy is 6 months old and everyone always tells me.. He looks like a Gerber baby model… I know every mother has the perfect baby at home but Matt really looks like a baby model since he was born. I would like to see my baby working with you, because he also loves Gerber products

  9. looking for the opportunity for daughter to become apart of an amazing growing company like the Gerber products please contact me at your earliest time span Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon

  10. My son is currentle ten months old and is beyond photogenic. He smiles every time the flash goes off. I truly believe he will be a perfect model for you.

  11. As soon as she sees the camera she’s smiling everyday all day busy body just smiling and giggling Happy 5 month old SORIYAHHHHHH SAPP

  12. My 7 month old beauty of a baby boy has the perfect face for a gerber baby! Hes always so energetic and hes always laughing and smiling. Hes definitely worth a shot! Everyone always tells me Brantley should be a model and I couldn’t agree more! (:

  13. Declan is an extremely happy and healthy baby! One of the happiest baby I have ever met..not even being biased! He will make you smile with his amazing personality and he has such a great laugh Its contagious! He’s sitting up all by himself and is pretty darn proud of himself. We love him bunches and know you will too!

  14. My 5 month old baby will put a smile on your face when he gives you a smile. When he sees the camera he just starts modeling and smiling!

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  16. My son Amai Is 3months old, a very handsome and happy baby whenever we go out we are always getting stopped and everybody can’t get enough of him ,he is such a blessing and would light up any room.

  17. MIs 3months old, a very handsome and happy baby whenever we go out we are always getting stopped and everybody can’t get enough of him

  18. My Son is 10 Months. He’s A Beauty. Everywhere we go a lot of people say he’s the most perfect baby they have seen. He gets a lot of attention all the time by many strangers.

  19. My son Cayden Leonidas is 1 year old. He is the most beautiful and happy little boy! Every time we go out people always stop and say what a handsome little boy he is and what a beautiful eyes he has. He is very photogenic, I think he would be a perfect model. He is definitely worth giving a shot. His a Gerber baby!

  20. my Kali, has so much personality, soon as she walk outside everybody notice how beautiful she is an when she see people she can’t stop saying hello an talking (even though you may not understand what she is saying) she loves to talk an my ladybug has such a beautiful spirit…… age1 1/2

  21. Jahya is 6 months old. My little mixed baby with blue/grey eyes loves the camera and one happy baby. People tell me all the time he needs to be a model.

  22. My son is absolutely gorgeous n shines bright no matter where he goes.Everytime he’s ever left the house since he was born at least one person stops to tell me he’s beautiful!!..hes a show stopper

  23. My son name is Skylar fitch Jr. He is 8months will be 9months September 9,2015. He has the sweetest face, softest skin and had the LOOK many parents say their child could be the next face, but I know my sin Skylar is IT!!!!;;

  24. My son Kyle is 7 months old and is the happiest and very well behaved baby you will ever meet. He is ready for lights, camera, and action.

  25. My son is 7 months old and us the happiest and very well behaved baby you will ever meet. He is ready for lights, camera, and action.

  26. My daughter Andrea Fredrick is 6 months old and was born with a heart defect but through the surgeries she still manage to smile n b the happiest baby I’ve ever met

  27. Aisleen is 1 year and 4 months she sure does know hot to make you laugh aisleen is such a incredible baby she has so much going on for herself later on when she is big …

  28. My son kayson was born to be a star he is such beautiful. In a wonderful baby give him a chance you won’t regret it.

  29. Khaleesi is 5 months old and looking to brighten the world with her ‘rock on world’ smiling personality. Get in touch with us and help her out! We can’t even go to the grocery store without at least 3 people stopping to talk to her (seriously, they go right up to her stroller and completely ignore us until after they’ve talked to her)!

  30. Hello……I have a seven month old baby girl…blue eyes….very happy baby…loves to laugh and smile..I hear a lot that I should put her in the Gerber baby contest…

  31. My daughter is two and a half years old. she is the most beautiful little girl! Every time we go out people always stop and say what a beautiful little girl she is. She has very good manners and she is very smart she has a very wide vocabulary for her age. She will be a wonderful Model for Gerber. She is extremely photogenic she is very use to taking picture and videos she is always in front of the camera.

  32. My daughter Ivry was born beautiful and ready she is a Gerber baby all the way she is perfect and lovable baby girl .

  33. My daughter Layla is 8 months old, very photogenic. She is always happy and smiling. She loves the camera which you can tell by her photo. I get told all the time that she needs to be a model so I figured I’d give it a try. She is definitely worth giving a shot. I think she would be a perfect model.

  34. Alexandria is 3 months old and of course I and my husband think she is the most beautiful baby in the world, but others think so as well everywhere we go people stop us and say, “oh my she is so beautiful” and can’t stop looking.

  35. Lexiana is pure beauty! Everywhere we go people just cannot get enough of her! She’s such a blessing and a beautiful baby girl that loves the camera 🙂

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