How To Become A Model Even With No Experience

So one question that has been coming in a lot to the MSA email is “How to become a model if I’ve got absolute no experience?” It seems like a catch 22, doesn’t it? In order to land modeling jobs you need experience, but to get experience you need experience. Luckily, we have a few helpful tips that can be used to help you become a model and get your career started even with little to no experience.

How to Be a Model

Tips on How to Become a Model

Model For Free  – There are many people who hate the word “free” or concept of working for free. Now, ideally you want to be earning some money for your hard work, but in the beginning don’t be afraid to do a few modeling jobs for free just to build up your modeling portfolio. After all, you don’t have to say that the job was unpaid when you’re trying to land future modeling jobs. The photographers are just looking for somebody with some experience in front of the camera.

Have a Good Set of Head Shots – It’s important to have professional head shots that are up to date with your current look! One of the worst (and unfortunately most common) mistakes models make is applying for modeling jobs with one set of photos, and showing up to the shoot looking like a completely different person. Photographers look for talent that have a certain look that will fit the job their shooting for. By showing up at a shoot with a look that is different than your head shots you throw off a photographer, and they will likely not work with you if the change is too extreme.

Hire a Good Mentor – Truth be told, only the top 1% of models get signed to a major modeling agency, so what do the rest of us do? Well, a good start would be to hire a good modeling mentor that can show you how to become a model in a good amount of time. There are a ton of talent services companies, but our highest recommendation goes out to One Source Talent. Yes, yes, before your jaw drops in astonishment let me explain. Love them or hate them, One Source has been doing this successfully for over 10 years and have gotten many models signed to major agencies like Ford, Elite, etc.

Now that doesn’t mean they can get you a major modeling contract, but it does mean they can probably help find you at least some level of success in the modeling industry; even if it’s just local modeling gigs or small time deals that earn some side cash. OST knows what they are doing and they are quite good at it. Just check out these One Source Talent Reviews that are posted to their website and you’ll find over 1,000 reviews and success stories from actual talent.

Keep in touch with Photographers –  In business there’s a saying “it’s easier to sell new products to an existing customer than it is to find new customers all together”. The same goes for modeling, it’s easier to land multiple modeling jobs/photo shoots from 1 photographer than it is to find a bunch of photographers and convince them all to take a chance on you. Work your butt off, nail your photo shoot, and send your photographer  a thank you card… and don’t hesitate to text/call/email them every once in a while just to see how they are doing. Chances are they will remember you the next time they need a subject like you for a photo shoot 🙂

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  1. I’ve always wanted to model for so long. People ask me if I’m a model. I’m very interested in all of it. I love taking pictures and I love posing for photos. It’s all fun I have modeled before when I was younger and I recently was a model in my schools fashion show. I love having a nice style and making sure I look my best. I would love to have the opportunity to pursue my dream in the modeling industry.

  2. I have no experience with modeling. But ice been thinking about it for more than a year. I think you should take a chance on me because I am a hard worker, I have a pretty great body and face for being age 14, and that I will take any job I can get. I hopefully want to be a model for a big agency but little steps first. Please take a chance on me. My grandpa probably won’t pay for headshots until he knows I need them, but I feel like I could be a great model. Even if it’s just my leg or stomach. I really hope my dream will come true. I live in southern California . Thank you for reading my submission

  3. I WOULD LOVE TO BE A MODEL! everyone tells me I have really pretty blue eyes and long brown hair I would be so glad if anyone would give me a chance!

  4. I would love to be a model. I am young and exuberent and love learning new things and methods to a new situation. Granted i do not have any experience i honestly think i would be a good candidate for this. Please consider my application but if I am not accepted thats okay this is a great opportunity to even send this in to you guys so thankyou! -Sincerly Oshyn

  5. I would absolutely love to be a model. I’ve done a photo shoot before with a professional photographer in Virginia, not too far from Washington, DC. I had a lot of fun! The stylists made me look exceptionally beautiful & the outfits I brought….I got a lot of compliments. I’ll be sure to stay in touch with the Photographer who took his time to snap extraordinary photos of me! I’m really hoping I can progress with my modeling career!

  6. Im 13 years old and 5,4. I am skinny. I have dark brown eyes with black hair. A lot of my family members want me to be a model. I really want to get into modeling and make my dreams come true. I hope someone gove me the opportunity to be in modeling. Thanks you

  7. Hi I’m Delta Always wanted to be a model for years I hope theres a opportunity for me a chance to do what I always wanted to do as far as a career and building up more in my life..I have alot of pictures on FaceBook and instagram as well. I came to Dallas texas to see what I always want to do and that is in the modeling industry.

  8. I am a seventeen(17) year old female from Memphis,TN. I am fairly tall (5ft.11in.) African-American. I have been told several times that I should try out the modeling field but i have no experience . I don’t know how or where to start. I’m dedicated and willing to work hard. Currently I’m graduating from high school. I do plan on going to college,but getting part-time modeling experience could really help me out. Please consider me.

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