Home Transformers- NBC New Primetime Show Auditions

home transformers
Home Transformers- NBC

Home Transformers is now looking to find the best Interior Designers, Home Builders and just all around handymen. NBC announced their new show this summer. If you love building, designing or think you are one of the best in the construction business this is the show for you. NBC producers are now casting for their new Home Makeover show.

Home Transformers is structured as a “Competition” series.  It is going to be a combination of Design star and Extreme Home Makeover. When the show airs it will be the only show that focuses on home renovation. The handymen and craftsmen will compete against each other to see who does the best work. They will travel around the country and see who has the best skill to transform some of Americas most run down houses. The prize/prizes are yet unknown but by judging the budget that NBC has it will be a life changing grand prize.

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  1. we have been in the house for 17 years and have not got the time to update it. It is a 1957 ranch and with some loving care it will be beautiful but every year bring it’s own challenge and we have not been able to do much. My husband was handy but with his back problems a lot of thinks has been pushed to the side.

  2. Hey my name is Emilia,I’m 25 years old and I stay with my mum with my 2 brothers and 2 grankids,my mum went through a lot with us kids she lost my dad when I was 10 years old she had to look after 4 kids on her own.she then went to make a loan at a bank for my 2 oldest brothers,to open up a pub.they failed to make it work so my mum had to go work for her sister to pay the bank off,for them not to take our home.nobody helped her,she worked for 7 years everyday from 7 till 10,now she’s home and has a flat,but its not well built at all,all I’m asking is to make my mum’s house nice for her,for everything she’s done for us.please help ill even work for you to fix my mum’s house please

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