How to Handle Requests for Nude Modeling

Nude ModelingThe issue of nudity will occasionally come up when you’re introduced to various parts of the modeling industry, and it’s a very personal issue for many people to face. Regardless, the first thing any type of model must remember is that you have to stick to your own moral code and not allow yourself to feel pressured. Also, remember that nudity is never a required step to getting a modeling job with a photographer or fashion show. You don’t ever have to say yes if a photographer asks you to take off your top during a shoot, it is not necessary.

What to Know About Nude Modeling

The only reason that nudity is ever necessary is for a picture that is possibly being published and it’s a creative collaboration. In most cases, with any type of modeling search the editor or someone in charge of the shoot will inform you of any level of nude modeling that will be needed in advance. You may even hear the term “Nudity on set”, but when this term is used you should know that nothing is going to show in the picture.

It’s also important to know that the guide lines for publishing nudity in America are much different than European magazines. Therefore, for an American model it’s important that you know you do not need to be nude for a job and if you do have to be you will know in advance and that’s where a great agent is highly involved in the negotiation process. It’s either for shooting for a magazine or creative project of some sort where nudity may be required, once again this is typically “nudity on set” but nothing showing in the photos. If that question has not been asked to you and someone asks you and puts you in an uncomfortable position on set even if they are paying you and they say “We’d like you to do some nudity.” you can say no and have your agent address the situation.

This is very important to remember because once the picture is taken no one can protect you, you have already done it. It’s always best to know in advance whether it’s okay. So try to have a discussion before hand so that you can make the right decision. In most cases these conversations will lead to two things coming up

  1. Your moral code (what you are comfortable with)
  2. Where the photograph is being published and who’s going to use it.

All of those things have to make sense in order to consider any type of nudity in photography, pictures and fashion.

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