Ice Cream Commercial Casting!


A famous ice cream brand is looking for talent in Los Angeles to play lead roles in an intricate commercial.

Commercial Plot Details:

This commercial revolves around two characters.  When looking for a midnight snack, the main character finds his beloved ice cream missing from the freezer.  A mysterious monster has stolen the ice cream and the main character soon realizes that he will do anything to get his ice cream back.  We want to stress how tasty our ice cream is by showing how one of our customers would rather fight a monster over giving up his treat.

The concept is simple, but it needs to be executed properly so that we draw attention on the value of the ice cream.  We need fun-witted people to play this role so that we draw on the comedic aspect that the commercial is attempting.


Lead Character: Wakes up and finds his favorite snack is missing.  He will do anything to get his ice cream back.  Actor needs to be very enthusiastic and believable.  Looking for talented males age 18-30.


Travel expenses and meals will be compensated.


Filming for the commercial will begin on January 15th in Los Angeles.

If you feel you can make an impact with our company then apply ASAP.  This is a great opportunity to act out a fantasy scenario where you fight for your favorite snack!  Commercial auditions and jobs can open up many doors for future employers in the industry.

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