Jurassic Park 4 Castings and Auditions

Jurassic Park 4
Jurassic Park 4

Thanks to a recent update from Spielberg’s longtime producing partner Kathleen Kennedy we have confirmation that Jurassic Park 4 will begin shooting very soon.  The story is currently being written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) but it will not be produced by Steven Speilberg but he did confirm that he will be heavily involved in helping with some of the directing.  Sources went on to reveal that they’re aiming for a summer release and will be a sequel not a reboot. Casting for the movie has not yet been announced but the directors are now taking application from both union and non union actors to play in the new Jurassic Park 4 film. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to break into the acting industry.

On the technical side of things, Jurassic Park 4 does stand to benefit from the vast improvements in digital effects technology over the past decade since JP3 was released; not to mention, there’s a good chance the film could be shot in 3D – and, let’s be honest, seeing Velociraptors or the Tyrannosaurus Rex in three dimensions could be pretty cool. The plan is to start off Jurassic Park 4 with brand new characters and wipe the slate clean from the previous characters.

Casting for Jurassic Park 4 has not yet started but the producers are now taking applications from both union and non union actors to play extras and other roles in the film. If you are interested pleas submit your application along with a photo and resume. Keep checking back often for more information on release dates and cast information.

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  1. Name – Dave Dixon
    Gender – Male
    Ethnicity – Caucasian
    Age – 25
    Height – 5 ft 11
    Weight- 155lbs

    Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    Cell: 225-315-3012

    NON-Union affiliated

    Previous experience:
    Louisiana State University Graduate 2012
    Worked at The 13th Gate House of Horrors: Zombie Victim, Ghost
    Stand In for: Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner
    Extra: as a “Glader” in The Maze Runner

    Special Skills:
    Interpersonal, Enthusiastic, Athletic, Determined, Eager to learn new skills!

  2. Name – Jack Chattaway
    Gender – Male
    Ethnicity – Caucasian
    Age – 15
    Height – 5 ft 6

    Name- Connor Chattaway
    Gender – Male
    Ethnicity – Caucasian
    Age – 15
    Height – 5 ft 6

    Hello, we are male twin brothers currently living in the UK but able to travel. I have had both acting and dancing experience and currently attending Pineapple Studios in London doing acting and dancing courses. My twin brother has also had past acting experiences. We are confident people and I have been in several shows involving acting over several years.. We think we would be ideal for a part in this exciting film, we have seen all of the Jurassic Park Films and think they are very good films. Me and my twin brother both speak fluent English and would both love to be a part of this film.

    • Name – Jack Chattaway
      Gender – Male
      Ethnicity – Caucasian
      Age – 15
      Height – 5 ft 6

      Name- Connor Chattaway
      Gender – Male
      Ethnicity – Caucasian
      Age – 15
      Height – 5 ft 6

      Hello, we are male twin brothers currently living in the UK but able to travel. I have had both acting and dancing experience and currently attending Pineapple Studios in London doing acting and dancing courses. My twin brother has also had past acting experiences. We are confident people and I have been in several shows involving acting over several years.. We think we would be ideal for a part in this exciting film, we have seen all of the Jurassic Park Films and think they are very good films. Me and my twin brother both speak fluent English and would both love to be a part of this film.

      Contact information – jack.chattaway@yahoo.com

  3. I am a marine and heard you need military personal as extra I wanna be brutally eaten by a dinosaur I would put my heart into the scene if given a chance I hope I get response from u guys

  4. Seeking any available openings for a main or supporting,role or even to be a extra.

    Available~anytime any day of the week.
    Monday through Sunday

    My name is Brittany Prevot

    Date of birth~10/11/1987~26 yrs old
    Dress size~2-4
    Hair color~brown
    Eye color~brown

    Education~2009 to date Southeastern Louisiana University
    BA in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology~Senior expect to graduate in 2014

    2003-2006 Tara High School, Louisiana
    2001-2002 Lee High School
    Before 2000 Glasgow middle, and Oak Grove Primary

    Skills~Very Athletic, have played soccer since I was seven. I received a full soccer scholarship to my first college Bossier in North Louisiana. I also love the skill of fighting. I have taken punch boxing, kick boxing, Martial arts~Tae Kwon Do, and Brazilian JuJitsu. I know how to use Guns, and also have certification to carry concealed. I am first aid certified with the American Heart Association. I’m a long distance runner, and a fast sprinter. I’m a great swimmer.

    Training 2003-2004 John Casablanca’s out of New Orleans director Irene Torris Martin


    Year Type Role Production Director

    2014 Television Series/ Featured Extra/Salem
    2014. Featured Film/ Extra/ Cat Run 2 John Stockwell
    2013. Featured Film/ Extra/ The Crescent Christopher Hines
    2002 Play/ Shrew Taming of The Screw Julia Scott
    1996. Musical/ Background singer/ Disney/ Kevin Meloncon

  5. I am a 16 year old girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 135 pounds and 5′ 9″. I would love a shot at being in Jurassic Park 4 as I have watched the movies since I was about three years old. I don’t have training in acting but I’m a quick learner and can easily act. I sing very well and also draw very well. I have a love for all of the Jurassic Park movies and have even saved my money and took a trip to visit the movie set this summer. I’m told I’m very pretty and would be more than willing to cooperate on the set as an actress. Also I’m aspiring to be a makeup artist and already have been told by professionals I’m great at special effects makeup.

  6. well, to put things pretty straight foward and into perspective, I have no acting experience or training. but the one thing i do have is that sort of wierd personality where im not really sure what personality it is i have, so im always changing charicters with myself so to speak. Jurassic park is and always ill be my favourite movei ever and ever, jp3 was crap they killed the t rex and i could kill them for doing so. That pretty much it i dont know what else to except keep it cool and keep it real folks. peeeeeaaace. oh and i paint, draw, sing, guitar, drums, piano, motorbikes, bmx, brains, wierd funny and whatever, just thought id put my stuff in here 😛
    Im a white fella
    live in australia
    brown hair
    foot pretty tall
    brown eyes
    alright jawline i guess. not big but defined????????????????????
    dot dot dot dot

  7. Hi, my name is Blair Masco and I would really enjoy being a part of your film. I’m willing to devote all my time and attention to this film and I am completely able to become any character you wish to assign me. here’s my information:
    Age: 13
    Body Type: skinny/slim
    Weight: 86-90
    Height: 5’3
    Eye Color: blue
    Hair: Short & Brown
    Experience: -The Rochester Plays as Danny
    -The Wizard of Oz as Nikko
    – A Twisted Fairy Tale as multiple parts
    – Cinderella as the Butler
    Again, I am willing to devote my time and energy to your film. If you do choose me to be a part in this film, I will be very compatible with what you want me to do. Thank you for spending your time considering me. Thank you, and best of luck in making this film, I know you guys will do great!

  8. Mariela Cartagena
    18 years old

    Physical Description:
    Body Type-Slim
    Height- 5’2
    Weight- 115
    Eye/Hair: Brown

    Short Films
    “Paper bag Boy”; Sarah
    Scared” (Abusive relationship awareness) ; Marisol
    “Awkward Universe”; Extra
    “Black Scarf murderer”; Extra

    West Side Story; Francisca
    Poor Peggy; Peggy

    Special Skills/ Activities:
    Soprano Vocalist
    Disciplined Soccer Player
    Writter ( was given a scholarship to attend Austin FIlm Festival)
    Good Memorization
    Versatile Actress

    Performances and Achievements
    Choir Varsity
    Vocal Solo and Ensemble State
    2 yrs Music Festival; singing ( estimation of 500)
    Numerous Solos at School Shows Ex: “Star Spangled Banner”, ” Somewhere over the Rainbow, “When you wish upon a star” etc.

    Education: Akins High School; AHA Program ( Arts and Humanities)
    Majored: Theatre and Choir

    Pretty sure you all never look at these…I always post these type of comments hoping you all will eventually see them but, as I said before I’m pretty sure you all don’t… worth a shot right?
    I’m very athletic and I love to be challenged, I’m a perfectionist and ambitious when it comes to acting.
    Seen and practically memorized the movies, would be a dream to participate in this feature. Please contact me if you’re interested.
    Thank you for your undivided attention.

  9. Hi. My name is Christian Gwinn and I am 18 years old. I have a manager, meaning I’m signed with the Crawford Agency. I have been in one movie so far, and I’m hoping to break through Hollywood and knock their socks off. I studied acting at JRP under Brandon Thaxton. I would like to be in this film because I believe this is the movie that will make me stand out to other casting agencies. I absolutely love to act and have done so ever since I was a little kid. I currently model for Lightstock in Dallas, Texas. Please consider me for a role. If you would like my resume and headshot, please e-mail me at the address given. Thank you so much.

  10. Lee is versatile, confident and professional in his career, combining not only acting but passion in what he loves, showcasing both his flexibility and confidence in the industry. Whether it’s comedy or drama, Lee displays the ability to adapt to any challenge and acting role given to him. From an upper class character to a heroin addict, magistrate to air-head, tramp to vamp, young or old. His ability to display ‘deadpan’ expressions and thinks about the character tremendously in order to preform at best. Lee has a wealth of experience having appeared in a film, play work, productions and studying and acting constantly in spare time to prefect, work and challenge himself. Lee loves what he does, is committed, passionate and always delivers 100%

  11. I’m Brianna I’m 15 years old, i’m 5’3″ im hispanic. I weigh 118 pounds I have brown eyes, long purple hair. I took drama classes last year. email me if you’d like vzqbrian@aol.com

  12. My Name is Dilara. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I’m 15 years old. I would love to play in a big movie like Jurassic Park, because I want to become a big Actress and I know I can do it, I just need a chance to prove it. I just want to be a part of something who makes other people smile and I think that’s the best thing with movies, they make people happy. I love acting, I don’t know but when I’m acting, I feel like I could be everything or everyone, you can’t describe the feeling. I would do anything for a role.

  13. My name is Judy Anstess. I am a member of the Rachel Sutton Casting Company in Honolulu. I joined early last year (2012). I am also a member of Hawaii Actors Network. Although I just moved back to the Islands in May, 2013. I live in Honolulu and I am retired, which means that I am available when ever needed.
    I have lived in Hawaii for 11 years total and was a Tour Guide for 9 years on Oahu from 984-1993, before moving to Las Vegas for 10 years. While in Las Vegas, I was a Limousine Driver for the Mirage Resorts as a VIP only driver. Then my husband was transferred to California for his job. My children are grown with families .
    I have many talents of which I feel would be of use to your group. I was an Interior Designer which means that perhaps I could help with set designs. I know the Island well which would help with its history . I was in the transportation industry and can transport people to and from the shoots. I can also be an Extra as well, if needed. Please keep me in mind if there is anything I can help your crew with. I l ook forward to your reply. Sincerely , Judy Anstess

  14. My son is 8 years old and I have a daughter that is 10. My son asked me a few weeks ago asked if there is a jp4 would you let me play in it. I said sure not knowing you where really making one. So since I said he could I figured I would do what I could to get him in. His name I David and he said he would love to be eaten by coppys lol I don’t know why he is very dramatic and him and his sister act out and video tape there selves all the time. Please email me at let me know how to get him in. Thank you momma Merri:)

  15. My name is Ashley, im 14 years old, I have loved jurassic park ever since I was a little girl. I love to act, i’ve been doing school plays and practicing in elementary school, I cant do the school plays in middle school because its the same time as soccer and soccer is my favorite sport. I love to sing, i always have, this is my first year in choir because i have been enjoying singing so much that i wanted to try something new. My favorite things to do are hanging out with my friends, going on walks, and i like to read too. I have curly brown hair, and hazel eyes. I would love to play a big part in Jurassic Park 4 because I love to be noticed. Thankyou.

  16. Hello I am Adam I am twenty two years old
    I am around 5’10” dark brown hair hazel eyes I would love to get in with this franchise I would take any role and would like to use this as my step towards a career in acting I am from Glendale Arizona
    Email me with any information
    Thank you kindly for reading this or for consideration I will provide more information via email

  17. I am 13yrs turning 14 in July 26 I live in Corpus Cristi, Texas and I always wanted to be in a Jurassic park movie ever since the first 1 came out I’m very good at acting and it will be a dream come true to be in this movie

  18. Hi I’m me and I just want to be an extra, my buddy told me to apply, and I would just like to say I’m already in Hawaii so there’s half the battle.

  19. Really looking forward to working on this film, and available for the full length of production.

    Logan Probasco
    Date of Birth: 02/15/1983
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye Color: Blue/ Hazel

    Measurements: neck-16″/ sleve-21″/ waist-36″/ inseam-29″ /chest-38″/ shirt-38/40″

    Acting & Modeling Objectives:
    TV Shows
    Voice overs / voice acting

    Movie: Renaissance of the dead – zombie extra
    Movie: Jonah Hex – Turnbull men (extra) – Talazac casting
    Movie: Battle Los Angeles – military extra -Batherson Casting
    Movie Theatre- dressed in character for big film promotions and performed for public.

    North Harris college: Associates-Visual communication degree
    Having to perform on camera for class projects.

    Special Skills & Talents:
    Voices, accents – Gollum (lord of the rings), Meatwad(Aqua teen hunger force). Accents-Irish, scotish- see my online vids http://www.youtube.com/user/angelon01
    Some video editing experience- multi camera edits
    Digital designing- posters, business cards, vector designs, photo editing and composition

    Sports & Hobbies:
    Like to hang out with friends, play air-soft. Enjoy reading, coffee shops, good pubs, road trips, and checking out all the new and upcoming movies.

  20. Hi I am interested in auditioning for jurassic park 4 I am 5 foot 10 inches I have brown hair and green eyes I live in Mooresville Indiana. I am 20 years old I play guitar and I play baseball I am in college as of right now. I have been acting since I was 5 years old. I have been in school play and local theater. My contact is jodonna6@aol.com

  21. well all i can say is that im 6ft tall, muscular, love boxing, martial arts, i sing and 27yrs old and i live in chicago now currently living in chicago west suburbs and i always watch and understand all movies and use my creativity and see what else actor or a actress should use or do in their roles to catch more attetion from veiwers, and i always wanted to be apart of something i can cherish for a long time, say i was apart of that experience and it change my life, i mean this is something i always wanted my life to be about a part of a commercial, a franchise and a real movie, not because of the fame or publicity, money, becuase i actually have the heart and passion for acting, i believe everyone has a calling in their life you just have to take it as it come and honestly i had alot of chances to be an actor back then a couple of years ago the exact i audition in different states with my mother being there for me and the rest of my family envy me said i will amount to nothing and that its just a dream im living in including my father lack of support and downgrade his oldest son, jealousy and criticism, finances, lack of belief and that took a big affect on me thats why i didnt succed, only my mother believed in me, but what im saying is life too short and you only live once and you should follow yours dreams and goals, if you get picked or not for a role dust yourself off and try again until you succeed and thats what im doing trying to succeed at what im at heart of doing and complete my goals.

  22. My name is Jessie Padilla im 5,8 my weight is 161 my age is 27 hair is black. looking forward for the forth installment. 🙂

  23. Hello, I’m interested in trying out for Jurassic Park 4. I live in Olympia, Washington, and I’m a senior at Olympia High School. I’m 17 and will be turning 18 on July 1st. I graduate in June. I am in Track at my school, I love running. My acting experience is that I have been in one small play at Firwood High School as one of the pilgrims it was a very small part, but I was able to transition emotion easily. I have one killer scream, very loud which could be very useful. I love Jurassic Park, I have seen and own them all.
    My contact is ccallison37@gmail.com
    cell number: 360-969-9001
    I really hope this is a legitimate way of going about it, I have no idea of how to go about getting an agent or auditioning.
    All I want is a chance to prove myself even if it is a small part.

  24. HAIR:Dirty Blonde
    EYES: Greyish Blue
    HEIGHT: about 5’0″
    TYPE: Caucasian
    BIRTHDAY: March 27 1998
    WEIGHT: 90lb
    SPOKEN LANGUAGE: Just English
    SPORTS:Cheerleading and Gymnastics (just started in high school but becoming really good)
    PHONE: 1 847 767 6220 (you would have to text because my phone calls break up real easily so texting would be better)

    I think I should be in this movie because I watched all the jurassic park movies I love them all. People I know said I would be a great singer/actor/model. I was in a musical called “Dear Edwina”. I made this years musical “Legally Blonde” but had to quit because I had no time to go to practice because of cheer and gymnastics. I live in Illinois. I always dreamed of being in this type of movie.

    Hope I hear from you guys and thanks for this opportunity. Bye bye

  25. Hi, I’m Jacob and I have plenty of credentials in regards to not only acting, but being an extra too. I was an extra in Untraceable and Grimm, and have had a couple supporting roles in indies. Resume can be given upon request. I also have an agent. I’m willing to travel for JPIV as I have a passion for the series. Please see my IMDB or look at YouTube where my reel is located:


  26. Hello everyone! My name is Joseph and I want to just let you know tat I have been a fan since I was a toddler. I’ve been watching Jurassic Park since I could remember, I just recently got all 3 Jurassic Park movies for Bluray and let’s just say they haven’t left my DVD player! I would like you guys to know that I am interested in Auditioning for the next Jurassic Park!

    I’m a fun, easy to get along with person. I take direction and can play any part!

    Height- 5’11”
    Weight- 260lb
    Brown hair and brown eyes

    The only acting I’ve ever done was in High School and I really loved the feel of being infront of people and making them laugh or almost cry.

    Some shows I’ve been in are I.e
    Joseph and the Amanzing technicolor dream coat as Jacob.
    A Christmas Carol as Mr Fezziwigg.
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as Grandpa George.
    Working the Musical as Josh Conrad the UPS driver.
    The Pink Panther Strikes again as The Gardner.
    And a couple others!

    I hope to hear from someone, the chance to be in one of my favorite movie series is more than exciting. Thanks for taking the chance to read this and hope to hear from you guys!

  27. Hi my name is Parker I feel like I would be great for this movie I watched all the Jurassic park movies since I was a little kid and I still watch them today! I am emailing you because I feel like I could be great for this movie. I am a strong athletic guy, nice guy to work with. If you could get back to me that would be great I would love to work with you guys and Jurassic Park!!

  28. Hello, my name is Joshua Tough. I cannot stress to you my love for Jurassic Park, but I will try. I’m not applying for this because I can act or because I want to push my acting career, I am applying because of my love for your series. I am a university student studying Graphic Design. Jurassic Park is a film which has always been my favourite since I was old enough to know what it was. I’ve has a passion for paleontolgy for years and growing up, Sam Neil was my idol. I would love a part in the fourth installment as I am renound within my friend group for being the ‘dinosaur nut’. I have always been so interested and passionate about them for years, I wish I could study both art and paleontology at the same time. I also do a lot of dinosaur illustrations and sketches in my work too, which have been used to sell fanzines and enter in competitions, one of which I won at a young age, not a known one, but a children’s drawing one. I am White British, 19 years old. My D.O.B is 15/07/1993. I am 6ft tall, very dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Okay build, not a body builder basically. Although I am very happy to get in better shape if neccessary. I am a very motivated and reliable person. I can offer you a very responsible and proffesional addition to your team. Along with the desire and somewhat desperation to prove my worth to you. Whatever would be needed in order to get a part would be done without a doubt. This would be not only a perfect opportunity for me, but a lifelong dream. I feel that being part of this film would be more of a dream come true for me, more so than a career opportunity. This may sound bad but it’s a good thing. Of course I want the opporutnity, but that opportunity is to show my love and passion towards this film series and how eager I am to do my best in order to be a part of it. I am a very sporty and outdoor person, I would tell you all I have done but I feel there are some more important things to put accross. Also, I am a well educated person, completed secondary school with 11 CSE’s and 5 A-levels (Eng, Art, DT, Bus. St, Gen. St) . Additionally, I have a foundation degree in Visual Communications and am on my first year of degree. I can without a doubt do both as my course has days off in the week witch enables us to continue with external work etc. Travelling has always been a love of mine, so any opportunity I have to travel, I will. Again, time off university – any time needed, would be possible as this is an unbelievable opportunity. If there is any additional information you would need or would simply like to know about me, feel free to email me whenever with some contact information or your questions and I’ll be happy to get back to you straight away. Thank you for your time and I would love to hear back from you. You will not find a more eager person to join your film anywhere else. Excited about the announcement of this film is an understatement. I would love to prove my worth to you and show you the true passion behind this application. Thanks again, Joshua Tough.

  29. Hello everyone!

    I’m Eric, 25 years old from Paris, France. I submit my application today because being part of this ‘Jurassic Park 4′ movie project would be an amazing opportunity for the both of us : Showing how professional and unique I can be, and for you to be given a big acting for such an amazing production that I really adore, and for which I could surprise you working really hard to make it.

    Here are main information about me :

    Type : Caucasian / Mediterranean – Good looking type.
    Height : 1.83cm (6’)
    Weight : 77kg (169 pds), fit body.
    Hair : Dark / Black
    Eyes : Green
    Spoken Languages : French, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Arabic.
    Sports : Swimming (competition) / Gymnast (competition) / Martial Arts
    Arts : Drawing / Pianist (Conservatory, 5 years) / Drummer (In Musicals, Conservatory, 10 years)
    Studies : Chinese Mandarin Masters (GaoXiong, Taiwan and Paris, France)

    Model for O.G Fashion Design Institute (Fashion runways, Paris, France).
    Model for Elite Male Hairstyle (Photo shooting, Paris, France.
    Featured on the making of the music video “Mirrorcle World” by Japanese Pop Singer Ayumi Hamasaki (Paris, France).

    Practised plays for the theatre in France for 4 years – main skills for improvisation, imitation, voice changing (voice pitch, accents, impersonation), can play emotions very well.
    I had an opportunity for 2010 movie ‘Scream 4’ casting, but had to cancel due to working setback.

    Travelling to be part of this project would be a lifetime achievement to me, also because travel is part of my life ; I have been to Canada, Egypt, Greece, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Greenland, Caribbean Islands.

    Now you have information about me, it will be a real pleasure to hear from you, you can count on my motivation !

    You can also contact me to receive professional pictures of me.

    Best regards to everyone! 🙂


  30. Hi there I’m Tanya, an up and coming actress located in the UK (but willing to travel anywhere). I am quite a perfectionist, but not so that it makes me arrogant. My ambition is to do well in Acting as I have in my Modelling. I’m a confident, outgoing and quirky individual with a great sense of humour….and love having my picture taken! I’m a natural blonde with a brain. “YOU DON’T CAST TANYA, YOU DISCOVER HER”!!!
    I am a dress size 12, shoe size 6,long blonde hair blue eyes and 5’9″ in height. I am currently doing my car racing license and have already participated in British Rally Cross. As you can gather, I am very passionate about Cars and Motor Sport. In January I am going to try and learn the art of Street/Break Dance as it is something I have always wanted to do. And to finish….I have an extrodinary passion for acting, and have the ability to diversify into all sorts of characters, my best being a very extrovert adrenelin junkie much like my true self.
    Short Resume:

    Model for Modena Fashion.

    Finanlist in UK Model of the Year 2010 (Miss North Yorkshire)…. Southport 20/06/2010.

    I was a finalist of Miss Motors UK,and Miss American Dream at The Collection Club in South Kensington, London, UK..

    Recently a contestant in Miss Met Parties, Miss Monaco and Cannes and the Face of Dubai Supercars in London.

    I have just been informed that I am through to the final rounds of Face of the Hair Group Uk, and Miss British Isles.

    Featured in ‘The Amateurs’ music video for song The Rebel. (James Bond inspired video). As can be seen on U Tube.

    Have been on UK TV Gameshow: Pointless.

    Due to be a contestant on UK Gameshow: Catchphrase.

    Got to the final Auditions for the role of ‘Serena’ the mermaid in the lastest Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

    My biggest regret: unfortunately missing out on auditions for the latest James Bond film due to an ankle injury at the time of casting.

    Greatest Acting achievement: I have just been informed that I have been given one of the lead roles in upcoming film “Escape Island” with Apple Productions. Due to be filmed in India for six weeks in 2013.

  31. Hi! My name is Karel and I’m 18 years old. I would like to participate in this series because I think I have ability to play any role. Also I have participated as an extra in two movies: Clash of the Titans (2011) and Fast and Furious 6 (2012). if you want to select me for the new season of “jurassic park 4”, then here you have my main data :):

    Height: 1.85 cm

    Weight: 68 kg

    Hair: Light brown, curly.

    Eyes : honey.

    I’m thin.

    My body: I think I have a good body, for I exercise 5 times a week.

    I have the ability to play many characters.

    Many people see me as I am a very good person. I’m very quiet and very friendly. 🙂

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

  32. Alexa Robertson
    Terri Bercelli Talent and Casting Agency
    Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Phone: 412-973-7812

    Hair: Dark Brown Height: 4’11” Bust: 36 Shoe: 6
    Eyes: Blue Weight: 90 Waist: 25 Dress: 10/12
    Voice: Soprano Hips: 30” Top: Med. Pants: 10/12


    Photo Shoot TB Talent and Casting Agency
    Jean Modeling 77 Kids Ross Park Mall
    Modeling/Acting Class TB Talent and Casting Agency


    Agora Charter Home School

    Special Skills/Activities:

    Guitar: 3 years Brighton Music Center
    Swim Team: 2 years North Hills School Dist.
    Singing: 1 year Brighton Music Center
    Softball: 4 years North Hills School Dist.
    Dance: 2 years Michelle’s Dance Studio
    French Class 1 year Agora Charter School
    Archery 1 year North Hills School Dist.

    Alexa also enjoys fishing, sewing, and writing stories. Alexa likes to spend her time hanging out with her friends and family, she also loves to plan parties and events for them. She has a great interest in forensics and wants to go to school to be a CSI agent one day.

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