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Justice League
Justice League

It has been confirmed that Ben Affleck is not done yet with superheroes, he is going to be shooting the new Justice League movie this winter. He has been working with Warner Bros. and it has been confirmed that he is going to star in the new comic movie. Warners’ plans for The Justice League are still unclear, some sources say that, it seems that they’re planning a stand-alone project, rather than taking taking the Marvel route of consolidating its existing hero roster. Justice League is expected to be released in summer 2015, which, if timing works out, could put it against Avengers 2 in the most epic battle of the box office ever.

This is a great opportunity for anyone that is a fan of the comic that has always wanted to be in one of the movies or anyone that is looking to play an extra role in what it guaranteed to be a blockbuster hit.

A Script was written by Kieran and Michelle Mulroney and it revolves around Superman walking on the rooftop of a cathedral. He is there as well as five other members of the Justice League (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter) because they are paying their respects at a funeral, grieving over the loss of someone that we don’t know as of yet.The funeral is a public event and as such Batman doesn’t show up until after all of the cameras have gone away. For now, the rest of the League is under the media spotlight, each of them showing their respects for the deceased by wearing black. The rest of the scrip has been keept a secret.

Casting for the Justice League has not yet strated but the casting directors are now taking applications. If you would like to audition please submit an application along with a headshot and contact inforamation. Please keep checking back for more information and leave us a comment.

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  1. I would like to audition for a acting role in this upcoming film I can play any female roles I’m 15 and athletic with brown straight hair. I can do my own stunts and I know a lot about the super heroes and justice league. I

  2. I would like to audition for a acting role in this upcoming film I can play any female roles I’m 15 and athletic with brown straight hair.

  3. Hi I am Ashton Edward King Born in Austin Texas Currently reside in Fort Worth TX
    Have theatre acting experience no on screen experience as of yet
    Facial hair minimum
    Black hair
    Brown Eyes
    On here because I googled “justice League auditions” and found this
    Script Reading and memorizing experience
    Email ashtonking18@gmail.com

  4. My name is Ibrahim Mohamed aka shaggy. I am in great shape and I have done a lot of acting in the last ten years. I weight 195 and I will take acting job I can get. I can play evil or good it doesn’t matter to me. Please call me and you won’t regret and thank you

  5. Name – Kyle Burnett
    Height – 5’8
    Hair color – Dirty Blonde
    Eye color – Blue
    Body Type – Athletic
    Skills – Athletic ability in most sports including adrenaline risks. Ability to do my own stunts. Accents and skills in mixed martial arts, wrestling and boxing.

    I would like to be considered as I think I would be a great fit for the movie. I watched the shows and have read the comics, I have a good feel for the characters but I think I can bring them to the next level. I believe that my skills could only help to enhance this movie and make it the best it could possibly be.

  6. I’ve Always Been A Big Dc Fan And Have Been Waiting Forever For This Movie to Happen And This Would Be My First Big Time Role Acting Job And Its Bern My Dream To Be An Actor And Stay As One Of The Super Heroes On The Justice League I’ll Even Be Happy With A Small Part Because This Will Be My Foot In The Door To Other Future Acting jobs

  7. I am a great fan of the Justice League. I really like all your guys superheroes and I really want to be a part as The Flash or Robin.

    Name: Drew Olsson
    Height: 5’1
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Talents: Playing basketball or running.

  8. Name – Logan Scott Manning
    Height – 5’8
    Hair color – Brown
    Eye color – Brown
    Body Type – Average
    Skills – people person, Comedic
    Experience – I have done many plays and have years of acting portraying many roles.

    I would love to be considered for a role in one of the justice league movies. I have grew up watchibg the justin league and any DC comic movies. My favorite out of all the characters would have to be the Flash. A man watching over his city like a guardian angel. Saving people in a flash. It wouldn’t matter if I did a small part. I would just love to get the opportunity to act and meet many new people. Thank you

  9. hi i am 14 years old and have brown blondish hair with brown eyes.I am 5’1 and love dc just everything about it i love and my favorite character from dc is batman

  10. Hi I love the dc comics industry and I think I would be a good kid Flash. I’m 14 teen years old I have red hair I’m 5’11 I have blue eyes and I’m physically fit

  11. Hello my name is Humberto, I am 17 years old I feel that I would be a great fit for this film because I can follow direction clearly and have some Mixed Martial arts experience. My experience includes competing in a California mixed martial arts tournament.

  12. Hey if you need a robin I think I would be a good one! I’m slim built brown eyes brown hair
    And have some martial arts experience!

  13. I am very interested in this movie I have always been a DC fan and I’m built handsome athletic ( varsity track) I work with trees all day cutting them down and wrapping them up and I good for any part even extra. Though I look like I could be aquaman and would love to be aquaman but don’t care just want to apply so could you tell me where I send my head shot in with application

  14. I am very well built, athletic, and young and healthy. I am currently over seas on military orders till late February when i return to Los Angeles. I am very interested in auditioning for flash or another superhero. Who do i send my headshot and information to?

  15. I am 15 years old but look 12/13 and I believe I would be perfect for the character “Robin” as I look like him, I am not sure if Robin is in this film but if he is please consider me. I have been told I as a great actor and i’m doing and course in drama but due to my age I do not have any qualifications. Please contact me if you need a child actor to play Robin. (I live in England, just to let you know if that is a problem) Thank You.

  16. I am a 23 years old good looking man , I’m in great shape , athletic built , strong will great look for the part of Flash , I am available anytime , I have hazel blue eyes chiseled chin and jaw line , I fit right in with the character. I feel And know you will not be disappointed . I am capable of being who you need me to be . I feel strong about being Flash . please consider me . I have what you are looking for …..916-753-9507 jeangirl69@gmail.com

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