Kids Wanted for New TV Dance and Singing Shows


So you think you can sing or dance? A major fashion label is looking for fresh faces to add to their latest campaign. They are casting for  boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 16 who can sing or dance. Must have singing dancing and some gymnastic abilities.

This is a paying job including travel expenses for you and a travel companion (parent, guardian). This is an amazing opportunity for any young performer looking to make their break in the entertainment industry. Commercial acting is some of the most fun and exciting work out there and the place that many of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their start.

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  1. i am 15
    i’ve been doing cheer for 10 years
    i’ve been in choir since 4th grade. i’m in high school and i’m still doing choir
    i love to sing. if you were at my house then you get annoyed because i sing in my room, in the shower, in front of the mirror, in the car, in store/restaurant i sing to myself(even if they aren’t playing music!!
    i love dancing too!! i dance to basically every song i listen to!!
    i’m in 10th grade too.

  2. Hello I have been dancing since I was 6 and I can’t live without dancing and if you give me a chance I promise I will show u something that nobody else can I’m 13 years old I would be so happy if you guys choose me I live in a poor part of town and this could be the only time I would be able to do what I love to for the whole world so email me back

  3. My Name is Aurora
    9 years old
    4ft 6in
    64 lbs
    Dark blonde hair, Hazel eyes

    I am on my Fourth year of Ballet lessons. I take Ballet in the summer and during the school year. I am on my second year of Jazz, which I take in the Spring. I am on my Third year of Irish Step Dancing which I take year round (I am in two different dance companies for Irish). I believe I would be an asset to your show since there are not to many Irish dancers on the Big Screen, they’re all on Broadway 😉 and I can do both soft and hard shoe dancing. I take direction very well and I have had formal training for at least for years. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Hi my name is Dayveon Stafford and I am 11 years old and I love too dance.I have been trained to ballroom dance for 2 years now (since I was 10).I have been dancing with my classmates 12 of us got picked to dance.last January it was a semi finals and my team and I made it in the gold.We also had an event in last may in the finals and we also won gold again(the color of the rainbow match)and just a Couple weeks ago we performed at the galla at clevland Ohio.I would love to be in this program I wanna be a dancer.

  5. Hi my name is jariely tejeda, 14, and I live in Brooklyn, N.y. I am 5’3 and in 8th grade. I have no experience with acting but I love dance and I can dance it well if you show me some moves. I can dance urban motion, and just about anything. I will LOVE to act out for a show and become famous. I can sing but not like a pro. Please give me a chance.

  6. My son Ja’Marion is ten years old he can dance,and has some gymnastics experience loves to show off his skills..loves to do back flips.

  7. hi i am Lola taiwo and i am asking for an audition for the role for me and my brother and sister i am 13 joy is 10 and TJ is 8 years old i was in the play Annie so i have a lot of experience

  8. Hi my name is Andrea and I’m 11 years old and I love to sing! Singing is my passion one day hope to become a professional singer. I can dance a little but I mostly do freestyle I just like to feel the beat and the rhythm takes control. But anyway, to see me sing you can go on YouTube and look up andrea britton’s first talent show. Thank You, and have a wonderful day.

  9. Hi I’m Brooke Murfett I have brown long hair brown eyes and tan. I love dance I’m on a competitive team that travels. I go to Adage Dance Center in Pomona California. I can act, dance, model and much more! I try my hardest at all I do. I work well with others and I’m cooperative, fun to be around, intelligent, always happy, pretty,thoughtful, easy going. Everyone says I have a beautiful smile. Email me please! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    From, Brooke Amber Murfett

  10. Hi, I can sing I used to take singing classes, I can dance I’m one of the best in my class. I’m very flexible and I can do alot more I hope you give me a chance I have alot of ambition. I workout so I’m 81 pounds and I’m 12 also doing modeling hopefully not if you give me a chance. I’m African American, Mexican, and Native American I’m 4’11 also thank you so much well my email is my moms number is 51o-880-9323 my number is 510-860-6468 thank you so much if you read this.

  11. Hi my name is Lisa and I love to dance! I have taken dance class also
    I do a lot with cheerleading. I love getting involved with anything to
    do with music or dance. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you, Lisa Callaway

  12. Hi my names maria I can sing dance act & much more but I think that’s what your looking for!!! I’m 11 I’m 5″4 I don’t know how much I weigh I’m pretty slim though, I have very big very long brunette Mexican hair, brown eyes brown skin!! I’m charming hyperactive at times I’m a lot!!! And all is good about me because I lot of people like me at school. ( not everyone )!!!!! So yeah I’m also highly intelligent & very charming & fun/ funny & very gorgeous ( I get that a lot for my hair & face!!) I’m also very cooperative with others !!!

  13. My name is Nehemiah Dilworth and I am 11 years old. I am a dancer with Triple D Dance and Nya Entertainment. I love to dance and model. I am also looking to get into acting. You can also look me up on facebook at Nehemiah Dilworth. Please contact me.

    Thank You,


  14. My name is Kylie Evans and i am 9 years old. I can sing, dance and i love modeling!! I am very talented. I will be graduating from John Casablanca school this summer 7/2014. Please contact me!!

  15. I am 12 years-old
    112 lbs
    African American
    In my school choir
    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Strong build
    Please give me a chance to show you what i can do!!!

  16. Hi my name is Ashton and i am 10 but fixing to be eleven in October and I hope I get the audition because I have had lots of practice in church and school plays please give me the part

  17. Hi I’m 12 years old even though I don’t look like it. I love singing but I’ve never had singing lessons and everybody in my family says I sound good, and I sang at a talent show in my sixth grade, and I got a standing ovation and one of the teachers actually got mad! The point is is that I really can only sing, but I could dance if I had choreogharaphy lessons. Also, yes I know I spelled that wrong.

  18. Hi my name is Elizabeth I’m 14years old I live in new York I can sing and dance and I would love to be in the show i try my best not only for me but for my family recently I live in a basest with my mom and my brother my family has gone thru so much Im a strait A student and my alway put school first please I’m begging you I’ll go whatever it takes

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