Last Stand- Movie Castings and Auditions

Last stand
Last Stand

After all, he did promise, “I’ll be back.” Arnold Schwarzenegger is back since 2003 to star in his new movie Last Stand. The former governor has returned to the big screen for another blockbuster movie. Last stand is a action film directed by Kim Ji-woon and its set to release in 2013.  This is going to be Arnold first leading role since 2003. He played in the Expendables and a few other movies but not lead roles. The casting directors have announced that they will be doing open casting calls for extras for the movie along with a few other roles that have not been released yet. This is a great opportunity to work alongside a legend in the movie industry. The shooting is taking place in the Nevada so the talent must be able and willing to travel.

Schwarzenegger is Sheriff Ray Owens, a former Los Angeles police officer who has resigned himself to fighting small crime in a small town. But his law-enforcing slow lane is invaded by a notorious drug kingpin who escapes jail in the custody of the FBI and heads his way to the U.S.-Mexican border with his lethal gang. So Arnold and his crew are forced to make the last stand before the kingpin makes it across the US border. Since the Sheriff hasn’t had to do much work in the small town this is going to prove to be a big test. Last stand is said to be a mixture of western genre with Fast and the Furious high-octane thrills, blended together with a dash of off-kilter comedy that makes it a really interesting comeback story for the famous actor but its sure to be a blockbuster.

More information on casting dates and locations are soon to be released so keep checking back often, and leave us a comment.

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  1. I’m 18 years old.
    Height: 6’3
    Hair colour: black/brown
    Eye colour: brown
    Skin colour: light

    I would really love to be in the movie but I’m from South Africa. I’m looking to go to LA to pursue my acting career there. I would do anything to reach it.

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