Looking for Models to Advertise HOVERBOARDS


Looking for models 18-26 to show off our hoverboards!


We are looking for models with a big social media following to be the face of our hoverboard distribution company.  The models that are selected will participate in a photo and video shoot and post content once a week on their social media platforms for about a month.

These, “hoverboards”, are really just hands-free Segways, but they have emerged and become the most popular toy of 2015.  Why are they so popular?  Many think that they grew in popularity from the anniversary of the Back to the Future series.  Regardless, they are very popular can be seen everywhere.  While these toys don’t exactly levitate like in the movies, it is the closest thing to a hoverboard that can be bought on the market.  The technical term for these toys are, “self-balancing scooters”, but people refer to them as hoverboards because they are so trendy and “futuristic”.

We are looking for beautiful and handsome models to market our rendition of the “hoverboard”, to help launch our distribution company.  Beautiful models would surely help sell these futuristic toys, so apply now if you have what it takes.  These machines are relatively easy to stand on and move around on so you will not have to worry about practicing to ride a hoverboard.  Since they are basically self-balancing, all you have to do is concentrate enough to move around and look pretty.


Pay: $150 or your own hoverboard.  Pay is also negotiable depending on how many followers you have on social media.  If you have thousands of followers, than we will pay you more because you will reach a larger audience that will potentially buy our product

Location: Los Angeles

Looking for: Models 18-26, any ethnicity.

Filming Dates: TBD

Overall, this is a great opportunity to expand your following on social media and help sell a very trendy product.  This opportunity will help you and help us.  Apply now if you feel you have what it takes to look good while riding a hoverboard.  It is a simple photo and video shoot that will be relatively quick, and in the end it will benefit you greatly.



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