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A new documentary for a major TV channel will give a people with unique paranoiac ideas a way to express themselves to the public.  This is aimed to help paranoid people and explain to the audience how paranoia can affect a person’s life.

We are looking for YOU if you…

  • Are convinced you are being stalked or followed
  • Are picky about foods to not damage your health
  • Are sure there is something wrong or strange about you
  • Are convinced your teacher, neighbor is not who they appear to be
  • Believe you can see though people but nobody listens to you
  • Have been told by family and friends that your beliefs are made up by your mind
  • Believe strongly in a theory but no one relates or understands you

….. And all this is having an effect on the way you lead your lives, your routine or the way you look at the world. If you are ready to work with experts to know the truth to either convince your family and friends or put your mind at ease, then the casting crew of the show are looking for you and want to hear your story!

If you think someone you know should apply for the show because they have paranoiac ideas and you believe participating in the show will help them, then you should ask them to give this a shot to prove their beliefs.

How to apply to participate in the documentary

You need to send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Your photograph
  • Information describing your personality
  • Description of your paranoid beliefs or ideas
  • Details of how it is affecting your life

Submit your applications and details to – you can also request to speak with the casting producer

Last date of application

4th April 2016

Not only will you get the advantage of sharing your thoughts on screen, you will also get a chance to finally convince everyone (or convince yourself) about the reality of your condition.  So grab the opportunity while it lasts!

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