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Mobbed- FOX

Ever have something to tell someone but cant think of a creative way of doing it??? Or you have some big news to tell someone. Well FOX brings you their new show Mobbed. Show host Howie Mandel that many of you know form America’s Got Talent and Deal Or No Deal hosts a new show on FOX where they put a hidden camera twist on the flash mob concept. If you have big news to tell someone and just can figure out a way to do it than Mobbed will definitely be able to help you out. They are looking for people with unique ideas for the show that’s been a huge success since the start of the season.

During the show, the audience is going to see all the preparation and rehearsing that is done before the big reveal. Once the hidden cameras are in place the un-expecting  person will go thought confusion as a mob of people do a synchronized dance routine in front of their eyes. The confusion of the un-expecting person is must see TV. Keep checking the website for more information as new episodes of Mobbed are aired .

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  1. hello my name is Erica and it would be an honor to come and dance in your show! I have been dancing for 17 years, since I was two years old. I dance out in the city and currently enrolled in Nassau Community College for dance, dance is a passion of mine that I would love to do for the rest of my life. Please email me at if you’re interested.
    Thank you for you time for reading my application, have a great day.

  2. hello my name is sarah rockafellow,
    I have been dancing since I was three years old and have always dreamed of being on a dance show or being in a dance program someday. please consider my application,
    thank you

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