The Top United States Modeling Agencies

Modeling agencies are companies that represent and promote all different types of models throughout the modeling industry. They work hard to help models land modeling jobs as well as benefit companies by finding the right model to represent their brand, product, or service.

Modeling agencies commonly earn their income by taking a percentage of the deal that they help a model land. For example, if a modeling agency helps you get a job that pays $3,000 for representing a new clothing line, the modeling agency would get a cut of your $3,000 for helping you to find and land the job. The exact amount or percentage is usually agreed upon by the model and the agency in their contract when they sign to the modeling agency.

Since the modeling market is so competitive, there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions aboud modeling agencies and companies.

Most importantly you should always make sure to only deal with a reputable modeling management company. We’ve taken the liberty of listing the top modeling agencies in the world below. Simply click the name of the modeling agency to read and learn more about them and to find out if they are right for you.


  1. Hi I am a 20year old African American man , college student,(Engineering/Science major. I am a gym addict 2years in. I stand 6’5 220 pounds and am a really hard worker in and out the gym. Also with Trainers Certification coming soon. I would love a chance to model for Nike. It’s my favorite brand of clothing and I sport it as if it’s own. Check me out or even better take a look at my instagram or Facebook. @xherblacksupermanx or Cory Parnell Willis Thank you 😉

  2. Hi! My name is Hannah Racine and I am a 5’7 female with a very flat and solid stomach. I am a runner, volleyball player, and also played soccer. I love going to the gym and getting fit and also doing yoga classes. Nike is my main fitness wear when I’m working out or just as my every day outfit and it would be an honor to model for them. I hope to hear from you! Thanks!

  3. Hello! I am a 5’8 female runner, solid stomach and defined arms. Im also a huge gym rat, love working out and staying in shape . Most of my fitness wear is Nike, I love it and would love to model for them . I hope to hear back ! Thanks !

  4. willing to work very hard working hard is what it takes to become a great model being obedient have lots of confidence about myself

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