Modeling for GAP

gap logoFor anyone looking to break into the competitive work of fashion and clothing modeling, GAP Inc. offers a large array of job opportunities for aspiring models by modeling for GAP.

GAP started in 1969 with a single store in San Francisco, and now they have exploded into one of America’s most popular clothing brands and has since launched several other successful chains including Old Navy and Banana Republic.

Your dream is probably to be a super famous fashion model and work a runway show in New York, LA, or Paris- am  right? That’s ultimately every aspiring fashion models dream. Although GAP isn’t a name like Betsy Johnson, they are hugely popular in the states and offer plenty of opportunities to start your modeling career and are one of the best stepping stools into more competitive and higher paying modeling jobs.

If you’ve ever wanted to do modeling for GAP or modeling for Old navy or banana republic then this is your chance.


Here’s what you’ll need to do…

How To Start Modeling For Gap:

  1. Book a Photo shoot with a professional photographer. In the world of modeling your headshots say a lot about your abilities, and unfortunately in this market everybody judges a book by it’s cover – so make sure your cover is a great.
  2. Get to work on creating an amazing modeling portfolio. Head to Google and take a look at a few modeling portfolio examples, take ideas from each and whip something really great up.
  3. You’re going to need somebody to represent you or get your foot in the door with GAP modeling since GAP doesn’t work directly with the talent.

We have hundreds of companies that post modeling jobs with us, and some of them are even fashion and clothin modeling jobs with companies just like GAP. We’d love to let you know when more of these modeling jobs are available before anybody else finds out about them. So if you’re interested in modeling for GAP or other clothing companies check fill out our application here and you’re already ahead of the competition.


  1. I have a 2 years old amazing boy..his so wonderful and will like to model for sure he will make a very good model for u…he has gone for photoshoot and getting a portfolio soon. If you would be interested can send a photo of him to see how wonderful he his

  2. My daughter Chloe loves and wear the clothes from old navy and gap I think she is very pretty she would be a great model for your company and she is three years old.

  3. Hi, My name is Marian and I’ve always been interested in modeling brand name clothes. I feel like I have the ability and potential to do a great job in this industry. Every time I walk in the mall and see other people modeling your clothes I imagine me doing the same.

  4. I would absolutely love to model for your company! I have very photogenic genes and I love doing photoshoots! I also love clothes!

  5. My daughter Amayalee always gets compliments on her smile and how I should put her in modeling. So I thought I gave it a try and see where it goes I really love the clothes from gap and old navy. And I hope one day soon my daughter will not only wear there clothes but model for this company.

  6. I would love to be a model, I know that I’m a guy and that would be weird, but I would love to get a job because everyone says I should try it and I am now and I would love to be one.

  7. My son is Jaiden Del Vecchio and he will love to be a model for Gap. Jaiden loves to take pictures & dress up . He’s very outgoing and loves to pose

  8. Hi my name is rich I’m a 20 year old kid and if been told I could do modeling I summited a photo to you guys i would love to mode for your company I think I look very natural and I would fit right in

  9. Hi! My name is Ann Alexander and I would love to have the opportunity to model for Gap! I do not have braces, my eyebrows and hair are completely natural, and I am definitely comfortable in front of a camera! I hope you choose me to be a model for you! Thanks!

  10. I would love the opportunity to model for Gap or Old Navy and directly increase sales of women’s plus sized clothing. I have a fabulous pictures of me in Gap and Old Navy plus size clothing in my portfolio. Thanks!

  11. Hello everyone I have a very handsome 1yr old A lot of people mistake him as a girl every time we’re out. He’s a heart breaker, handsome young man mixes with black n Italian with redesh blonde hair he’s very amazing n ready 4 the camera……

  12. Hello, my daughter Hailey is very sweet, loving, and gorgeous. Please she is asking me for an opportunitie like this at four years old. Tried to upload photo but won’t go. Hope to hear from you soon thank you.

  13. My son is. Marcus Hernandez and he will love to ba a model for this company he love to take pic and dress up

  14. Hi, my daughter Sarah is a very beautiful and energetic person. And she is very interested to model for this company.

  15. Hi , my name is Angie I’m a aspiring model , I would love to get the opportunity to model for gap. This would be a perfect way to get my foot in the modeling industry. Can’t forget to mention i also have a gap teeth (front teeth) which i think would be a perfect combination 🙂

  16. I believe as so everyone tells me my baby has model potential and of course he’s gorgeous w his big beautiful blue eyes !!

  17. Hi, I am Jase’s mother Tamaki Isidore….Jase is a very handsome, intelligent ,big personality little 4 year old…I feel he has what it takes to be in the modeling world….

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