Frequently Asked Modeling Questions

As an aspiring model you’ve likely got quite a few questions about modeling. Well, look no further, we decided to put together a modeling FAQ for you on Model Search America to answer all of your modeling questions.

If you’ve got any other questions for models that you can’t seem to find in the answers below, please feel free to contact us, we will answer your questions and add them to this list.


Q: How does someone get their modeling career started?

A: The best way to start could be a huge variety of things, due to there isn’t a single path to become a star. The first way would be going right to a modeling agency, another can be knowing someone who found their way to the top. Along with the possibility of fate and hard work paying off, a lot of different events and choices can lead you right into the arms of a promising job and a trusting producer.

Q: What are the height and size requirements for high fashion modeling?

A: Although there is many different types of high fashion modeling (examples being petite and plus-sized modeling), the height and weight isn’t a huge concern. However, I will still give you them just in case this happens to be an issue: Women should range from 5’9″ to 6″ at the ages of 14-21, and Men range around 6″. As unfair as this may be, it can be required for some modeling jobs, most being around New York.

Q: Are their specialized jobs for body parts?

A: Yes, indeed! Just because one person has astonishing faces and, uh, torsos does not mean they have flattering feet and hands. Hand models can be used alone or with the type of person mentioned earlier, with the hands and body morphed together (This sounds gross, but the photographer does such an excellent job at it, you may have already seen examples). Other parts, like feet and ears, are hard to come by, and have specific and important requirements when introduced. For it’s rarity, it also has a high pay, although a definite range can vary between who’s taking the photo’s.

Q: What’s a models average pay?

A: As it is glorified that models get a huge pay, only about a handful actually achieve that rank in the Modeling world. Others are lucky to get around that pay, if they happen to find jobs that provide that sum of money. To better put perspective on the modeling money situation, let’s say that it all revolves around New York. Outside new york, certain pays depend on the photographers, with as high as 150$ an hour. Meanwhile, inside New York, models are payed over 250$ for shots, because of a companies need for models and photographers. You can make modeling a lifetime job if you can find steady work, and currently, that’s a big “if”.

Q: Can modeling agencies tell if I’m perfect for them just by pictures?

A: Yes and no. It all depends on the quality of the photos, and whether they have potential. If you send in fantastic photo’s and glamour shots of yourself, they may agree that you are perfect for the job. However, if your pictures are amateur and awkward, they may not reconsider your offer, or take it at all. For all those who say “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I can agree that even people with amazing pictures can possibly be a real hassle when doing a live shoot. Hard work and special talents can place you in modeling work, but pictures should be pretty good if you’re planning to work with bigger jobs.

Q: Are modeling conventions helpful, or are they ripoffs?

A: It is often said in chat rooms and elsewhere on the web that conventions can be complete rip-offs. However, even though there isn’t much report on top models going to conventions, there are many other success stories related to going to conventions. One, a woman named Cheryl who did work with popular Model Search America, was able to get an amazing job and a bunch of gigs after attending a short convention. She is even now still modeling and working in the business with success and without weakness. So really, getting things out of conventions really depends on the amount of experience you wish to gain out of them.

Q: Why do I keep getting different modeling advice?

A: The reason why there’s different modeling advice is because of the diverse modeling areas. Modeling isn’t as much as a job as it is a description for the types of modeling. Child modeling, Fitness modeling, and Glamour modeling are all considered Modeling, and the strategies to get into that business is quite different. With that in mind, many other people who write or talk about how to get there is probably referring to one specific type. As for these answers, all of them really depend on your path. So, if you are looking for a specific path for one modeling career, you may as well take these steps!


  1. Im mona boroomand… A.nd im a photo model in iran… I wana become a photo model for nike… Im a software engineer.. And swimmer…and im painter…57 kg…170 cm… Black eyes…

  2. I met Shu a couple years ago. He was rceemmendod to me to do some clean up work on a bronze bra. I dropped off and picked it up from his house. Good thing to know he’s in Oakland, I guess I can take him off my art help list. He’s a nice guy and that’s a good school. I hope he does well.

  3. did you ever come to Albany ny back in the 1990’s 1993 and 1994 marriot hotel wolf road in south colonie Albany ny were you talke about modelings give a small interview then reject all the people they don’t want when after interviews are over when you the man that does the interview call your names mean rejected they don’t whant you, are you the same company I am not sure,

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