Models and Celebrities Without Makeup!

You see celebrities every day in tabloids and on television. Also when you watch modeling shows for example the Victoria Secret Fashion show,  and you are enamored by their beauty and their flawless skin and body tone. You see the fancy dresses, expensive jewelry but what do some of these celebrities or models look without any makeup on.


Most Victoria Secret models and celebs posted pictures or appeared without makeup, showing what they look like before several hair and make up stylists have worked their magic. We have put together a side-by-side comparisons of some of the most famous models and celebs.

j hew

Jennifer Love Hewitt



Eva Longoria



Halle Berry


Tyra-Banks (1)

Tyra Banks


Here are some of the famous Victoria Secret models and their look without makeup.



Alessandra Ambrosio



Heidi Klum



Rosie Huntington


Comment and let us know if you would recognize these celebs and models if they walked passed you without any makeup on.


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