Models and Extras Needed for Scene in ‘The Originals’


Extras needed for a bar scene in The Originals

About the Show

‘The Originals’ is set in New Orleans and is about the world’s original vampires in a spin-off of the ‘Vampire Diaries’.  It is about Klaus – the werewolf/vampire who returns to the city that built by the help of his family to find out more about a possible plot against him. His protege, Marcel, is currently ruling New Orleans and his powerful rule is causing tensions and insecurity in the supernatural community in the city.  Klaus and his brother Elijah make an alliance with the witches to reclaim their city as they were the ones who had originally built it.

The TV series stars Joseph Morgan as Klaus, Daniel Gillies as Elijah, Claire Holt as Rebekah, and Charles Michael Davis as Marcel.

Casting Calls for Season 3 of The Originals

The official casting directors and the casing crew of ‘The Originals’ are looking for actors in Atlanta, Georgia to film a bar scene on Monday 28th March. If you are interested in scoring a role in the series and getting a chance to be a part of the episode, then you must check out the casting calls below.

The producers need the following types of extras in for the March 28th Bar scene to be filmed in Atlanta.

  1. Men and women (between the ages 22 and 45)

Actors who are between the said ages can submit an application for a role in the originals if:

  • They are good looking and attractive
  • Have worked as a bar waiter or waitress at a bar
  • Repeats can work, so can fresh faces

You must include a brief description of your work experience when applying for the role.

  1. Men and women (aged between 30 and 55)
  • Must have real work experience as a bar cook
  • Can be repeat or a new face

Please include a brief account of your experience on your email submission

  1. Men and Women (aged between 18 and 60)

Men and women between the said age limit can be pedestrians outside the bar.

Other Important Details

  • The filming will begin in Conyers
  • The shoot will start in the morning
  • The actors will be paid $64 for 8 hours of work and will also be given overtime

How to apply for the role of extras for a bar scene in The Originals

To apply for ANY role, you must submit your application to

  • It is important to write your subject line as “Monday Bar”

Apart from that, you need to include the following:

Current Photos

You need to send us a clear photo of yourself, with good lighting. You need to send a face photo with shoulders up and another from the above the waist or the knees. Please make sure your real hair color and length is clearly visible in the photos.

In the body of your email you need to list…

  • Your fist name and last name
  • Email address
  • Your state and your city
  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your age

In addition, you need to email your sizes of:

  • For men: Shoe, collar, waist, jacket
  • For women: Dress Size, Bra cup size, waist size, shoe

For those applying for bar servers or cooks, please mention your experience in the body of the email. Only apply if you fit the description and live in Atlanta. Non locals will not be considered for any role. This is a great chance for you to be a part of a hit television series and work with a professional filming crew. Hurry up!


To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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