Models With a Great Face Needed for Sunglasses Ad

The casting team for a California company needs beautiful models to help advertise some of their newest products.  They are a sunglasses, clothing, and trendy store located all over the West Coast.  They specialize in the latest trends, and they need models to help market those to potential customers.  Basically the team is looking for several female and male models to pose for a photo shoot wearing sunglasses.  If you are interested, please continue reading below so you don’t miss the details.


This local company was established in 2006 in Santa Monica by Kara Fawner.  Since its opening, they have expanded to eight different locations around the United States, mostly sticking to their California roots.  They have stores in Arizona, Texas, California, and Colorado.  They pride themselves on creating quality and very affordable products that go with the current trends.  They are very comparable to Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters.


As stated above, the team needs 5-8 models for a photo shoot to advertise their latest sunglasses.  With summer right around the corner, they want to jump the gun and create appealing billboards and magazine ads with your face on them so that they can sell their products by the ton!  They want to take photos of models in three separate locations so that they can appeal to all types of crowds.

When: March 1st

Where: Santa Monica, Austin, and Denver

Pay: Yes, $500

Credit: Yes

Prints: Yes!

This is a great opportunity to potentially appear on billboards for a growing company.  Not only will you earn money, you will be doing what you love.  Modeling can be a fun and rewarding career, you just have to get your foot in the door somewhere.  This is your perfect chance to do just that.  All it takes is one photographer or casting director to notice you or love your particular style.  Apply today!


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