Models Needed for a Hair Styling Video Shoot

A male actor/model is needed for a hair-styling video that will be be posted on a YouTube account with a good following.  This video is for a barber shop.  It will be an instructional video on how to do certain styles, and it will properly advertise our products.  The model must have longer hair preferably blonde or reddish.  The model’s height should be 5’10 – 6’4.


It is preferred that the model has an Irish/Scottish appearance.  The video shoot includes your hair being cut and styled by a professional barber, so make sure that you are okay with having your hair cut.  After the shoot concludes, the actor may elect to get a free haircut to have it styled how you prefer.


Male Model/Actor:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Long, light colored.

Age: 20 – 42

Pay: $150, $50 for any additional hours.

Credit: Screen credit for your portfolio

Date: February 4th

This is a great opportunity to put your face and your style on a video that will get thousands of plays on YouTube.  Along with compensation for your work, you can use this to add to your unique portfolio.  The modeling industry is highly competitive, but these types of jobs let you build your resume and earn valuable experience.  You will also meet several industry professionals that might recommend you for future projects.

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