Models Needed for Nationally Featured TV Show

The CBS casting team needs a short Caucasian actress about 4’8 to 4’11 to work as a regular stand-in for the hit CBS TV series MacGyver. Filming will take place in Miami.  The casting team also needs several other background models to play various roles.  One of the scenes needs models to play celebrities on the red carpet.


The casting directors are re-imagining the famous classic series, MacGyver, an action-packed, adventure drama series. The show is about Angus “Mac” MacGyver, a mid thirties man who establishes a secret  organization within the United States government. He has the extraordinary ability of solving unconventional problems, using his vast scientific knowledge, which in return helps the government solve cases and save lives.


  1. We need at least one full-frame photograph. Make sure to wear full dress and formal shoes. Keep your face upright and look a little above the camera lens so that we can see the color of your eyes. Do not smile in this photograph.
  2. In the second picture, capture a full-face close-up with a broad smile on your face.
  3. Capture third photo from the back. We need to see the close-up of the back of your head. Make sure to keep the face upright while someone else will capture your photo.
  4. Finally, capture the side pose. Tilt your face a little downward. Make sure that your ears are visible in this one.

As a stand-in, your role is pretty vital to production, so make sure you follow directions.  You want to pay close attention to directors because along with getting paid you might learn alot!  As an extra, you will get to work with featured actors and directors in a professional setting.  Not only will this be an amazing experience for you, but you will be paid for your contributions.

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