Models Needed in New FX Show Set in 1940’s

The casting team for a new show set to premiere on FX in 2017 is now casting actors to play background extras and featured models.  As a model in this show, you will be dressed up in clothes from the 1940’s and in the background during vital scenes.  The casting team also needs models for promo photo-shoots to be used on billboards, in commercials, and on posters in big cities.


The show will feature Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as main characters.  It is about two former Hollywood superstars and their constant rivalry during their illustrious careers.  The project will explore the feud between the two characters based off real-life actresses, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

FX is a division of 21st Century Fox that launched in 1994.  It boasts high quality television shows that aim to compete with premier channels like HBO and Showtime.  FX stands for, “FOX eXtended” because it promotes adult themed shows that would normally not be shown on FOX.

Casting needs extras to play several different roles in the upcoming show.  The show takes place in the 1940’s, so extras must have appropriate haircuts and style.  The first casting call is nationwide, but the auditions if you receive a call back will take place in Boston, Houston, or Pennsylvania.  Exact locations will be detailed as the tentative dates approach.


Network: FX

Paid: Yes

Roles: Models for background and models for ads

Location: Nationwide

Date: January 14th

This is a casting call for all interested experienced or aspiring models.   As an extra, you will still play a vital part in specific scenes, but you will not have speaking lines.  Both featured and extra roles will receive credits for their work on the show.  This is a great opportunity to be on a popular cable network in a very promising new show.  It is an even bigger opportunity if you are one of the models selected to be featured on billboards and in promo ads for the show.  Promo models tend to draw huge crowds because they are seen on billboards in bustling cities like Downtown Los Angeles.

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