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Modern Family
Modern Family- ABC

Modern Family is back on ABC for another season. The comedy is is created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan and the comedy’s 5 actors were all  Emmy-nominated. The show itself has won a bunch of Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series two years in a row. We’re sure the accolades will keep rolling in as the family continues to change, grow and always keep us laughing. The casting directors are now looking for several males and females to play as extras for Modern Family. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking for their big break or for any fan of the comedy.

Modern Family revolves around Phil Dunphy who is a loving husband/devoted dad who dreams big while making the most out of the little things in life. Claire who is his wife is responsible and grounded. These two are the perfect mix when it comes to raising their three way-different kids. Haley is the independent, eye-rolling teen. Middle sister Alex is wise beyond her years. Little brother Luke, well, isn’t. At least, that’s what he’d like you to think. This mockumentary explores the many different types of a modern family through the stories of a gay couple.

The casting directors are now looking for several Males and Females to play extras in Modern Family. The shooting will be taking place in the Los Angeles area and will take several days. If interested in auditioning for the comedy please submit your application along with a photo and resume. Please keep checking back for more information on dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. Hello, my name is Maddey Ochoa Pierson and I am fifteen years old. I am 5’5 and 45kg, I have dark red hair and blue eyes. I have a very strong passion for acting, singing, modeling and dancing and I would love to act. I am capable of expressing humor. Thank you.

  2. Hi there my name is Ryan i am almost 16 and i am a guy. I love acting i am especially good at improv i have been improvising for about three years i am also white i have brown hair a blue eyes and i am about 5’10” i also wear glasses but can also where contacts

  3. Hi, I’m Judson and I would love to be on modern family my current residents is in Athens,GA but I have family in LA so I could devote 24/7 to this opportunity if you feel that I am fit for a role in your show modern family I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times and have laughed just as hard as the first time I have no acting experience but I am looking for this to be my start anyway here is my profile.
    Gender: male
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 110
    Build: lean/thin/fit/ripped
    Residents: Athens,GA
    Experience: none

    Thank you very much for your consideration of my profile I really hope that you choose me to be on the show
    Thank you again and have a good day

  4. My name is Emma Nelson and I am 14 almost 15 years old. I have brown hair with a hint of red. I have green/brown eyes and I weigh 99 pounds.(I don’t get why that’s important) my height is 5’3 and I believe I have what it takes to become an actress.
    I’ve been singing since I was 6 and I have once sang at a Brewers game. Im the oldest of 4 and I get good grades and I am competitive. I play some sports and I am in drama. My mom died of brain cancer when I was 10 years old, and I want to show her how much I’ve grown up and all the things I can achieve. Modern Family is a wonderful show and I hope that I can be a part of it. Please consider me! If you need to reach me, my phone number is 414-339-1138

  5. Hi my name is Paola Hernandez i am 14 years old will be 15 in october 2015 i am a latina girl just like sofia vergara spanish is my first language i have lived in the us my while life and i am white i have hair like sofia vergara too like brown with blonde mixed and i have blue green eyes and i am 5″3 heigth and i would live to start i. Moder. Family because i love that show i am a big fan of Sofia and i love acting i jave had experience in mexican modeling for magazinez and movies and i hope to hear soon feel fre to contact me at my email at any time at

  6. Hi, my name is Sofia Kemmerich. I am 15 years old, I was born in Germany and raised in Mexico. I speak perfect English (no accent of any kind), Spanish (it’s my first language), and basic German. I’ve been acting on school plays and local theater communities for a while. I have white skin, dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. I love Modern Family and since there’s a columbian in the show I figured I might be a good fit to bring some more multicultural air to the show. I’m good at taking direction and I believe I can enroll challenging characters. I hope you think twice reading this, for I believe I’m the perfect match for this show.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  7. I would like to be on your show. I don’t know how else to put it. Im 14 and will be 15 in November, Im about 5’4 and have black medium length hair with very pale skin. I have had about 5 years of acting and I would very much like to be on this show ( even if I don’t get in I personally believe Modern family, even though amazing as it is, needs something different and new). I live in Florida, but am “homeschooled” (virtual school) so I am more available then normal kids, but Im just starting that this year I did go to school up to 8th grade. Anyway, Id be honored to be on this show even if Im nothing important.

  8. Good for you, I am also trying to ttiisarnon into becomming full time female, I have been on hormones a little longer then you but like you I love being on them and watching as my body slowly becomes female.

  9. hi to all my name is emanuel i always wanted to star in modern family i love acting everytime i watch modern family it gives me an insparation that in want to act even more badly anyway my gender is a male im 13 but i could proabaly pass for 14 i have black hair and brown eyes i live far from the studio but if i get the job ill be there exactly on time. my height is 5″4 and i hope you guys can consider me and keep making modern family

  10. Ola,
    I’m Daniel originally from Portugal and recently finished my acting degree in United Kingdom. I have experience in TV, Theatre and Modelling. Since i have finished my degree now i am free to fight for my dream. I love watching this program, it’s the type of genre i love and enjoy. Due to my training, experiences and feedback, my strength falls to the comedy.

    Name: Daniel Leal Magalhaes
    Height: 1m.83cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Age: 24
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown,

    Hope to hear news or if you need more information contact me on my email.

    Thank You

  11. Hi, I’m Halle. I’m 11, but could possibly pass for 12 or 13. My family and I watch Modern Family all the time and can never stop laughing. We really like the inside jokes that keep popping up in later episodes. We also enjoy that Modern Family isn’t just dumb jokes, you have to be some what educated and have to have watched other movies/shows. I live in Covington, LA. But i’m sure if I got the job my mom would have me at the studio in a blink of an eye. I have brown hair, brown eyes and a height of about 4’11. I would love to get the oppourtunity to be on the show a an extra and thank you for the consideration.

  12. Hello all. My name is Cin Cable, but I prefer Cin Astasha. I am 12 years old, with brown hair, brown eyes and around the height of 5’3. I am bi-rachel, meaning my father is african american and my mother is white. I live in Richmond, Ky but I have no troubles making it to your facility. Have a blessed day and look forward to me being there at your program.

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