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Ever wanted to play the role of a lead character in a theatrical show? Just imagine how remarkable it would be for a breakthrough in your acting career. A perfect opportunity seems to have come knocking at your door as The Fox and Beggar Theater is looking to hire a male dancer for the lead role for a show that will be hitting the theaters in the summer of 2016.

The theater is unique in a way because it follows the Italian custom of “Comedia dell’arte” which translates to “Comedy of Arts” in English.

Such types of performances are like an unwritten story that is improvised at the spur of moment for your entertainment. Comedy of Arts is an old type of a theatrical performance where even though the outline of the story and the characters is predetermined with a prologue, the meat of the story is based on actors impromptu dialogue and creativity. In a similar way, ‘Tarocco: A Soldier’s Tale’ is meant to grip the audience by its intricately designed sets, sophisticated costumes, genuine music, puppet and make performances fused together with circus arts and dance.

About Fox and Beggar Theater

The foundation of Fox and Beggar, a non-profit organization was laid down in 2013. It aims to assemble puppeteers, musical artists and dancers, costume designers etc. on a single platform and bridge the gap between the artistic communities. The theater also provides training to the artists, actors, dancers and even designers who are a part of their shows.

About Tarocco

The ‘Tale of Tarocco’ revolves around an Italian soldier during the time period of World War I who unfortunately gets trapped in the region of the enemy after trying to flee from the gas attacks at Caporetto. In order to kill time, the infantryman tries to console a dying war-comrade by telling him stories by making use of the pictures of a really old deck of cards called, Tarocco Piemontese (which were sort of a predecessor to the Tarot cards of the modern era). It is a phenomenal and enthralling story which is based upon a narrative enacted by a fool. The Fool is the main protagonist of the show as well. He is the one character who remains on the stage throughout the duration of the performance.

The Fox and Beggar Theater will be touring this production through Rayleigh, Greenville, Atlanta, Nashville and Knoxville this summer. The narrative is driven by the Fool with just body movements and gestures without the usage of words. He gets to play the role of the dying soldier (the character in the so-called realistic world) and the Fool (the character in the fantasy world of Tarocco). This complex theater is a wonderful mixture of the real world and ta fantasy world and it brings to life an ancient theatrical archetype.

Submission Details

If you are interested to play the lead character, then send a formal application at no later than 9th April 2016.

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