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New Girl
New Girl- FOX

New Girl is back on FOX this fall, it will join other FOX shows this fall such as Tera Nova, The X Factor, Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite. FOX ordered a 24- episode season earlier this summer and the casting directors are now on a search for extras and day roles, they are looking for Males and Females ages 18-30. The Fox comedy is one of just three new series to deliver a rating of 4.0 or above. CBS and the directors are expecting an even bigger audience for its new season. The New Girl has been nominated for many awards including a Golden Globe and A Primetime Emmy Awards also, it stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Freenfield and many more .New Girl is produced by Chernin Entertainment in association with 20th Century Fox Television. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actor looking to break into the business.

After a bad break-up, JESS DAY (Zooey Deschanel) needs a new place to live. After searching online she finds a great loft and three single guys that she has never meet previously. After moving in her new loft with her new roommates she finds a way to move on fro her break up by the support of her new roommates and her new view on life.Her three male roommates cannot be more different from one another. Nick who is the most grounded and is a law school dropout who now works part time as a bartender. Schmidt who is a young professional who’s pretty proud of his own abs. And Winston who is a former athlete that hasn’t figured out his next move in life.

The casting directors are looking for extra roles in the movie, if you would like to apply please submit an application along with contact information and a basic head shot. For more information on casting dates and times please keep checking back often and leave us a comment.


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  1. I watched every single episode .,One of my favorite shows ever.!!!I’m a 21 year old female and I would love to be an extra on this show . I’m fun to work with and I think this would be an amazing experience for me

  2. Hello, I am the person you are looking for. I am an outgoing energetic person. I have what you are looking for with this role. Acting and filming background.

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