A New Miss Universe is Crowned!

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant run by the famous Miss Universe Organization.  It is known as one of the biggest pageants in the world alongside the Miss World and Miss Earth events.  The pageant was founded in 1952 by a local California clothing company.  Since then, it has expanded onto national television with an impressive 64 year annual streak.

The Format

During the live show, several contestants are put through various tests including random questions and a talent show.  The competition starts with a certain amount of contestants that progressively get eliminated based on the judge’s votes.  The top thirteen compete in a swimsuit competition, the top nine compete in the evening gown competition, the top six answer current event questions and the top three compete in the “final look competition.”  Overall, the competition is fierce with tons of emotion, heartbreak, and excitement.


Last year, we saw Philippines take the crown after the host, Steve Harvey, misspoke and announced the wrong contestant.  This lead to plenty of controversy, but FOX decided to give Harvey a second chance at hosting.  While making several jokes about his blunder at last year’s ceremony, he officially announced the winner while jokingly wearing big framed glasses to ensure he wouldn’t misread again.


This year’s winner was France’s beautiful pageant model, Iris Mittenaere.  Although the ceremony is nationally televised and very extravagant, many people don’t even know what being Miss Universe entails.  Winning the competition basically earns the winner a full-time job traveling to different cities, attending charity events, performing charity work, speaking for awareness causes, along with several other obligations.  While many think Miss Universe is all glamor, they have many responsibilities to uphold.  That is why winning this competition is so special.  The judges and voters feel that the winner has the best communication skills and personality along with their incredible beauty.

These type of events show every day models how big the industry truly is.  The Miss Universe Pageant shows what it takes to be one of the biggest models in the world.  Not only does it take beauty, it takes unique personality and talent.  It is important to study the winners and contestants in a competition like this because it shows that any model can be as successful as the best.  Many of these women came from small cities or rough countries riddled with crime, but they managed to overcome all of that to get to this point.  Even being considered for a pageant like this one is a huge success.  Aspiring models should never give up on their dreams no matter how farfetched they may seem.

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