New York Model Management Open Call

New York Model Management

If you are interested in becoming a model for New York Model Management (where some of the highest paying names in the industry are signed to), you should attend one of their open calls. They represent some of the biggest companies in the world such as Miu Miu, Burberry, Versace, and Gucci.

New York Model Management Open Call
New York Model Management

If you have decided to be a model, this is your career. You need to do everything in your power to get yourself hired and the number one thing for that is attending Open Call.Open Call for New York Model Management is located at: 596 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, New York.

Here is what New York Model Management is looking for:

‘Women Only- Thursdays 10:30-11:30a. Women should be 5’9-6’0.

Men- Please submit via online submission

Please bring snapshots- they do not have to be professional photos.

We do not represent mature models.’

To apply online, click the upper right hand corner tab ‘be discovered’ to submit your photographs online.

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. My entire childhood, I grew up with a dream of becoming a successful, honourable, respectable model one day. I pursued my dream until my hair was burnt off due to others dire mistakes, but many years have passed and I’m at the age of becoming legally a grown adult. If this agency sees potential or not, either way I still see myself surprising the whole nation. I have potential, I just hope that your agency picks me to rise up to reach my full potential and beyond.

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