Nickelodeon Castings The Thundermans


Get ready Nickelodeon fans because The Thundermans, a new family comedy pilot is coming to Nickelodeon this summer. Created by Jed Spingarn, the show is about The Thundermans, a typical suburban family that happens to have astounding superpowers. The network has given the series a 13-episode order to join  Sam & Cat and The Haunted Hathaways on the popular kids network. The Thundermans will be created by Jed Spingarn (“Big Time Rush”) and the casting directors are now taking applications for kids of all ages for several extra and stand in roles. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to be on the Nickelodeon channel.

As part of the pickup, Nick has recast one of the two leads, with Jack Griffo replacing Tyler Peterson who played the part in the pilot.The show is about The Thundermans, a typical suburban family that happens to have astounding superpowers.  At the center of the action are the 14-year-old Thunderman twins, who share the same bathroom, the same school, and the same annoying little siblings.  Their only difference?  The sister is a super student with a super sunny disposition who super looks forward to being a superhero someday, and her twin brother is a super villain.

Details on the release date have not yet been announced but this is your chance to audition for the comedy pilot. The casting directors at Nickelodeon are now taking applications from actors and talent of all ages. If you are interested in audidioning for The Thundermans please submit a recent photo and basic contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the new Nick pilot.

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  1. hair color: brown
    eye color: brown
    height: 5’3
    born: December 2,1997
    age: 15 soon to turn 16
    i hope you accept me because i really want this and I’ve literally posted on her three times and that means i really want my dreams to come true

  2. hi my name is Naomi Hernandez and i would like this role because this would be a great opportunity for me and i really want this. Many people have bullied me and i want to show them that i can actually be something. This isn’t for revenge, i just want to show them. I’ve literally went to every website and filled out every thing, posted a lot of comments about me and i really want this. My hobbies is practicing my guitar, put what i do the most is acting and singing. I hope you pick me and make me the happiest girl.


  3. Hi my name is Naomi Hernandez and im 15 soon to turn 16 and I live in Santa Fe, NM. I would like to be part of The Thunder Mans because I was bullied slot and I would like it to show all the people that bullied me regret it. Also I love acting, singing, and playing my guitar and this would be a dream come true to me and my family

  4. I love the idea of this new show! It sounds like it would be really funny and a really good family show! Please keep me updated on the casting dates/times. Thank you, xx

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