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We are looking for males and females ranging between the ages of 21 to 45. People belonging to all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. As this reality TV series will be shot in Los Angeles, so preference would be given to the local residents of the area, who can easily drive to the locations where the show is filmed.

The participants are required to make all necessary travel arrangements, for the production will not be responsible for the cost of travel incurred from the time of auditions to shooting.

The production team will began filming the show in July. It is a one day shoot, where all the participants of this reality TV show will be compensated for their work.

Concept of the Show

It is a documentary series, where a two people a male and female (who have not met before) will be asked to go on a blind date. The criteria of pairing of the couple will be based on the likes and attractiveness. The producers of the show bring you an inside of the world of blind dating in the era of Tinder, Happn and Bumble. The show aims to portray the concept of blind date in a positive light, which is gradually turning to be obsolete.

How to Apply

All the interested candidates should submit a short audition video.

Video Requirements

  • Make sure the video you are sending as your audition tape is horizontal, or otherwise it will not be accepted by the casting team.
  • The camera must be placed at steady spot. Do not hold it in your hand, for then the video will be shaky.
  • The video does not need to be professional
  • There is no need of editing
  • You can shoot the video any where you want. All we care about is that you are sounding and looking good in the video.
  • Do not worry about the background. Try to give your best.
  • Make sure that you address the following questions in the video
    • For how long have you been single?
    • What in your opinion are the reasons of you being single?
    • Why you prefer doing in your leisure hours?
    • How the picture of a perfect date looks in your mind?
    • Which celebrity would you like to date and why?
    • Are you comfortable with interracial dates?
    • Why do you think you can be a good catch?
    • Are you willing to date someone older than you?
    • Why do you consider yourself perfect for the show?

Other Information

For information on the audition visit

Mention your name along with your age and relationship status and send it to the contact information mentioned on the link provided above.

If you think yourself as the perfect fit for the show then make a video and send us. It is hardly going to take you 5 minutes to shoot the video.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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