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Actors Required for Bush Gardens Williamsburg Production All in One Filming in Los Angeles, CA

About the Show – All in One

This theatre show is called, All in One, and is based on the three Musketeers. It is a Busch Gardens Williamsburg Summer 2016 production. The shoot of the show will take place in Los Angeles, CA. The show will begin from Friday, July 1, 2016 to Monday, Sept 5, 2016.

The team looking is for some great, dynamic talented performers who have a strong background in theatrical combat and stunts. The actors who will perform in the show must have a flexible schedule. The actors will be given a place to live and a good salary for the roles. The check will be sent to them via email and in about 10 to 14 business days they will receive it.

Casting Call Requirements for All in One Auditions

The auditions are held in Los Angeles, CA. The production house and casting team is looking for some really great actors who have a strong background and who are able to combat on theatre. However there are certain skills that the actors must possess such as they must know about gymnastics, aerials skills, parkour, tumbling, and swordplay. Additionally, it will be great if the actor is familiar with high falls, rappelling and ratchet pulls with stunt training.

There is no restriction to ethnicity for this role as a result anyone can apply. But the actors should be older than 18 years of age. Furthermore, the actors applying for the roles must keep in mind that they will have to participate in the physical assessment combination, hand to hand combat, and stunt combination. Also, they can be called for a weapon combat too. So the actors willing to come at the auditions should come prepared and all set in terms of clothing. Ensure to wear a dress which secures you and protects you from performing the combinations. Also, your dress should be comfortable to show and help you in flexibly showing your moves to the judges.

Auditions Details

You are required to bring a headshot and resume at the auditions. The rehearsals of the show will begin from Friday, June 3, 2016 in Williamsburg, VA as the show will begin in July and run until September. Check out the details of the audition below.

All actors must remember to maintain punctuality as after 11:00 a.m., no one will be allowed to enter the gates. So, please manage time accordingly. Actors must be checked in and warmed up by 11:000 a.m. maximum, as the exercise for the group combat will be started. In order to know more about the audition details, you can text AuditionBG to 555888 or visit this link

Casting Call Details

There are certain paid roles required for Busch Gardens Williamsburg All in One theatre show. Please find the details and description for the roles below.

  • Casting Call for Milady De Winter

The team is looking for a female actor who is beautiful and clever. She will portray a character who is mastermind behind the plot to ruin the monarchy. A strong female is required who have fighting and stunt experiences that can command the stage with the powerful presence and exotic allure.

  • Casting Call for D’artagnan

A male actor is required who is dashing and handsome. He will portray as new and young Musketeers who naivety and innocence along with his eagerness to fight will complicate the story and bring a twist in the show. Male actor applying for this role should have excellent fighting skills. Also, he must know have previous stunt experiences, gymnastics, parkour and athletic experiences.

  • Casting Call for Athos

A male actor is required who will portray the elder statesmen and leader of Musketeers. Actor with stunt training and one who is experienced in theatrical fights is highly encouraged to apply.

  • Casting Call for Porthas

A male actor who will portray extrovert of the Musketeers, this actor should be experienced in theatrical fight and well versed about stunts.

  • Casting Call for Aramis

Aramis is an unsatisfied but ambitious male soldier who longs for truth and values all his relationships and friendship above everything else. The team is looking for an actor who is trained in stunts and has been a combatant.

  • Casting Call for Planchet

A male actor is required who can play the comic servant of D’artagnan. He is a loveable and well intentioned person; his adventures in the show will complicate the story for Musketeers. Also, this character will be humorous.

  • Casting Call for The Queen

A female actor is required who can portray the Queen of France who has a secret and discovers that if it is discovered, it would ruin the entire monarchy. The team is looking for a strong character for this role who has fight trainings and stunt experiences. Also, this actor should be able to command the stage with a leading personality, commanding tone and powerful presence.

  • Casting Call for High Fall Ensemble

Some male actors are required who can play the role of the Kind’s guard, dock workers, tavern guests that will make up the story. These actors must be experienced in high falls. Also, they should know extensive stunt training and fights. They will have to play multiple characters in the show.

  • Casting Call for Chandelier Swing Ensemble

A female actor is required who can play tavern guest role who will swing on the chandelier and fall to the ground. Within the story, she will have to play guard and dock worker. She must have a high fall experience too. She will also be playing multiple characters in the role.

  • Casting Call for Ensemble

Some male and female actors are required to play Kings guards, tavern guests, dock workers to make up the story. Also, they must have a high fall experience, stunt training, and fight experiences.

Actors who think they have a flexible schedule and fit in the description, they must come to the open auditions.

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