Open Call for Singers to Perform On Celebrity Cruises

cruise ship casting in orlando

Celebrity Cruises is looking for male and female singers to perform on their cruise lines. Particularly looking for:

  • Males and females with powerful vocals, edgy and striking women with a strong rock and pop mix/ belt that goes between F5 and is legit till C6. Also need athletic and strong baritones to A4, tenors to C4, along with powerful falsetto extension. The ideal singers would be those who are able to read music, move confidently in their performances, and have great harmony skills.
  • Male and female singers who can also dance well; ideally triple threats will work just fine. Celebrity Cruises requires technically trained and experienced vocalists who have strong jazz, tap dance, ballet etc background. Female dancers need to be able to perform in 3 inch heels including floor drop, leaps, and turns. Women must be in the height range of 5’5” and 5’9” with strong rock belt. Men must fall in the height range of 5’8” and 6’1”, rock baritenor to A4, tenor to C4. Performers should be ready to work with lead vocalist tracks, while also performing amongst an ensemble of dancers. Applicants for dancing and singing must attend the dance call before coming back to sing in the afternoon.

  • Male and female dancers. Males must be 5’8” to 6”1’ tall, and females must be 5’5” to 5’9” tall. The Celebrity Cruise is searching for technically trained, athletic, and fit dancers with a background in tap, commercial, contemporary, ballet, and jazz. Male dancers must have a strong physique, be capable of graceful lifts, and should be comfortable performing shirtless on stage whenever required. Female performers must have lean silhouettes and must have skills in gymnastics, aerial training, and tumbling. In the aerial tracks performers must be able to work with rigorous demands that come with performances. For these performances heights can go up to 30 ft. Female dancers must be able to work in 3 inch heels which include leaps, floor drops, and turns.

Open Call Details

All auditions will be held at:

Spotlight Dance Center
7751 Kingspointe Pkwy #102
Orlando, FL 32819

  • For the dance auditions performers must sign in at 9:30 am, on Monday, 15th of August, 2016. Performers who both dance and sing must attend this call before attending the singing audition.
  • For singing auditions performers must sign in at 1:30 pm, on Tuesday, 16th of August, 2016. (Singers who have already auditioned for dancing should bring their dancing attire with them, in case their dance call back falls on the same day).
  • All applicants must be of 18 years of age at least.

Things to Bring With You

  • Performer head shot and resume must be stapled together.
  • Vocalists must present the best 16 bars they have, and a contrasting piece in case they are asked to perform one. (Celebrity Cruises are not looking for traditional theatre voices; all singers should portray their skills in pop/rock)
  • Female dancers must be prepared to dance in 3 inch heels, and men must bring their jazz shoes.

Note: Anyone who is unable to attend the call should submit their headshot, resume, and a link to their performance at celebrity

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