Open Casting Call Models in “The Theta Girl”

models in theta girl

This casting call is for a small horror film project by the name of “The Theta Girl”. It will be filmed in Columbia, South Carolina around December at the end of the year. Barron Perter Productions is responsible for this movie and they are arranging an open opportunity for actions to audition for the film.

About the Roles

The casting company has arranged the open session, which will be held on 23rd of July. Here are the details of the primary roles that will be auditioned in this session.

Gayce Delco

Gayce Delco is the main character of this movie. She is young and lives independently. She is a smoker and deals a hallucinogenic drug to raise money for a  band. She believes that she is helping society through her actions.


He works as a dealer for Gayce. He is physically strong but withdrawn. He is a gardener and loves Gayce. He is in his early 30s.


He is a street preacher. but he is filled internally with doubts about his beliefs. He is a fanatic on the outside and is a leader for a group of street preachers. He is friends with Gayce because they both attended the same church as children.

Supporting Roles

There are also many roles which will be for the bands that are shown to perform in this movie. They are arranged according to their bands.

Boy Band

Coin is the front man for the band Terry cloth stiletto. Baz, Dex and Nobby are three young people who make up this band.

Other Roles

There are several other roles which will all be auditioned for the movie. You can see the complete list of roles here.

How to Apply

For all the roles that are mentioned as well as for other requirements in the movie, a casting session will be conducted on 23rd July. It will be held in the Skyline Room at the Tapps Building at 1644 Main St Columbia. The casting will occur from 11 AM till 6 PM. Everyone interested in the auditions should come with frontal pictures and headshots as sides will be provided by the casting company during the auditions.

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