The Parent’s Guide to Child Modeling

Child ModelThe Parent’s Guide to Child Modeling

Do you think that your child has a great smile, a great personality and could quite possibly be the face of Gap Kids? You may find that your child loves to pose for pictures, is truly outgoing and very confident and if this is the case you may have a child model on your hands.

Does Your Child Want to Model?

Before thrusting your child into the world of modeling you must first make sure that he or she is interested in modeling and is willing to try it out.  Yes, your child may love the camera and strikes a pose every time you’re taking pictures but that does not mean that they want to model.  Do not push your child into modeling simply because you feel that they can model or because people tell you they should be in a Macy’s catalog. Your child may display resentment towards you, so make sure that this is what they want to do.

  • There is a difference between motivating your child and forcing your child to do something.  Forcing your child to do something can be counterproductive, especially for a client.



After establishing that your child really does want to model it’s time to take some photographs. Find a photographer who works well with children. The biggest mistake parents make is investing in Portrait Studio photos, these photos are not the industry standard as they have poor lighting and does not show a models abilities well. If you are taking the pictures yourself follow these instructions:

  1. Photograph one child at a time. You do not want agents or casting directors to spend time figuring out which child is auditioning, you want the focus to be on the correct child.
  2. You want the background to be simple and clean. Meaning no cluttered backgrounds like photographs or messy furniture. If you can choose a nice place in the backyard or take the child to the park.
  3. You need three (3) shots of your child. A Headshot of your child smiling – this is a shot from the shoulders up . A Mid body shot- this is a shot of your child from the waist up. And a Full Body shot – a shot of your child from head to toe.
  4. If you are putting together a portfolio (This is a book of photos that is used as a resume for models) you will need anywhere from 15 to 25 photographs of your child where they are posing and smiling naturally. You do not have to make then imitate poses in magazines.


  • Try to work with your child as often as you can. This can help them adjust to working with a photographer and feel comfortable posing for photographs.
  • Help your child practice smiling. It seems like a crazy idea but this helps you and your child find the right friendly and nice smile.
  • Use a high resolution digital camera. Photos that you take with your smart phone will not work when assembling a model book.
  • When you are assembling your child’s portfolio start with their headshot, choose the best Photos for the beginning and the end of the book. This is because you want to start with a great impression and end with a great impression.


Modeling Agencies

Your child wants to model and you have assembled their portfolio book, what now? Now you research modeling agencies in your area. Not all agencies are alike, some agencies have a child division and others do not. Once you have selected one or two agencies find our when they are holding an open call and if they are not set an appointment.

  • Some agencies like to interview the child to see if they are good fit for jobs. Prepare your child for an interview by having them practice answering questions with a family friend or neighbor.
  • Another way to prepare is by letting your child take lessons in modeling, dancing, singing; this helps to improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Important Tips

  • Never leave your child alone in an Audition room or at a photo-shoot. There is absolutely no reason in the world for anyone to request that you leave your child alone with them. If your presence is a distraction find somewhere in the room where your child cannot see you.
  • Make a schedule for your child. Be sure to list out all their activities and the important events that they must attend. This way you will know when your child will have the time to do a show, photo-shoot or commercial.
  • Most importantly child modeling takes times. Modeling work for a child is not as abundant as work for an adult. Don’t get upset because your child has not booked a gig right away. It may be months before your child can find work, so be patient with the process.

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  1. Hello. My daughter Ekaterina has the very beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair and loves to pose for pictures. So, I am looking to get my daughter in modeling or commercials.

  2. Hi, I’m sending my daughter Rachel personal information and hoping to get a job opportunity on modeling. She is perfectly fit being a model because of her great smile and great personality, she loves to be on the camera and she had fun on every shoot that she had. She is very confident and could easily follows directions. I’m looking forward to hear from you and thank you for your kind consideration. I could be reached. Sincerely, Rissa Long (mom)

  3. Hi, my name is Megan Patton and I am wanting to get recognized. I am wanting to be a child actor for Disney channel or Nickelodeon, or a child model. My mom has got me interested in modelling and I really would like to do it.

  4. Hi I am looking to get my daughter recognized either in modeling, commercials, or short tv or movie roles. Our family was just recently in a audition for a commercial still waiting to hear back. Let me know what u can do to get her out there.

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