Model Needed for Payless Shoe Commercial


To be considered for a role in this ‘Payless’ Commercial, please read the casting description provided below:

TENTATIVE SHOOT DATES: (MON., 3/23 – Fri., 3/24)
RATE: $150/10

Men, All Ethnicities, Ages 21-60, fit and attractive,

If you are interested in being submitted, please send an email to

Put the following info in the email:

1) Subject Line: SUMMER GUYS

2) Body of the email: Name, height, weight, age, phone number, email address

3) Attach a recent photo in jpeg format and make sure to put your name in the submission. The photo should be a headshot or a a nice photo of you taken against a neutral background with good lighting. If possible we need to see 3/4 of your body in the photos.

4) Confirm that you are available for those dates.

Chicago area only please

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. I want to be a model because first and foremost I appreciate and respect the industry and all the artistic expression. It allows me to express my self and use my creativity. How I began pursuing modeling as a career was because of my eldest brother Elliot who past of Leukemia in December of 2009 at 21 years of age. Elliot was a very beautiful young man and was great at every sport he touched; all the girls wanted his attention. I on the other hand wasn’t quite as confident with myself because I didn’t get much attention in that category, which is why i looked up to him so much. To me he was the coolest guy on the planet and my hero. I remember when he was going through chemo therapy he lost all his hair and this devastated him because he was really proud of his beard. He was only 18 and was one of the very few that was able to grow one at school (again something else i lacked [not having any facial hair]). Determined to get it back, he grew all his hair out when he got well and still won (best looking) in the year book his senior year of high school. He was so proud and would tell everyone of his “comeback story”. Now that i’m getting older my features are starting to come in along with my facial hair and i’m starting to get a lot more attention. It makes me proud because a lot of people tell me I look just like my brother or that I resemble him and I know he would have been proud to have a good looking little brother. In closing, I value modeling because I feel like i’m carrying the torch that he passed down to me and there’s no better feeling of fulfillment than to honor that.

  2. If you have any modeling work that will be done in or around the Detroit, Michigan area please contact me to let me know.

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