Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial Open Call!

Casting directors need models and actors for an upcoming commercial set to film in Baltimore.  This is not your regular local TV commercial however, this is a Superbowl commercial.  This means you will appear on one of the most watched American annual events.  Millions of people tune in for the big game, but commercials provide plenty of entertainment, too.  In a recent survey by Huffington Post, interviewers found that about 52% of people actually watch the Superbowl just for the commercials!


This is a tremendous opportunity to appear in a Superbowl commercial.  The advertising revenue from Superbowl XLVII was more than $350 million.  An average 30 second ad-spot during the Superbowl in 2015 cost $4.5 million in 2015.  Needless to say, this commercial is a great chance to make big money and appear on a commercial that might go viral even after the game ends.

Pepsi is a company founded in 1893 and to this day competes directly with Coca-Cola.  Both companies have remained largely successful over their 100+ years, and advertising is key to keeping the brand fresh.  This commercial will likely go head to head with a few Coke commercials that will debut during the Superbowl.


Auditions start: November 11th

Filming starts: November 21st

Pay: $850 – $1000

Roles: Several background extras needed.  Some featured roles still needed.

Usage: During the game and on the internet.

Specific Featured Role Needed: Male, any ethnicity, physically fit 30 years old with great improvisational skills.

Like previously stated, this is an amazing opportunity for you to get your foot in the door in a big way.  A role in this commercial will open up several new doors for you as you meet and impress casting directors and industry professionals.

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  1. My name is Salina Gusmano. I am an Italian/American model. I have done a commercial for Alfa Romeo and Emagine theater. I was a makeup model and have modeled in two runway shows in Michigan. I just started modeling three months ago and I am excited to see what I can do next!

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