Photo Shoot Tips

Here are a few photo shoot tips that you want to keep in mind before and during your photo shoot to get the pictures that you want that will make you stand out.

First thing is first make sure you get a good nights sleep the nigh before the shoot. This will help prevent the un-wanted bags under the eyes as well as help give you the energy for the next day. Also one really important thing is to relax and give yourself plenty of time in the morning. You don’t want to be rushed or encase you get stuck in traffic.Drink lots of water before the shoot also it will add to the healthiness of the skin. DO NOT DRINK any alcohol the night before. Another important thing is to try all your clothes before, you want to make sure that it all fits the way you want it to and its cleaned and pressed. Also practice in front of a mirror developing a variety of expressions and poses. If you are just starting out your photographer will be able to share ideas with you once you get to the shoot.

Stay out of the sun!!! I cannot stress this enough, do not go tanning prior to your shoot. You don’t want your skin to look dry. Bring plenty of music – something you are inspired by. Suddenly being in a strange environment and needing to put on lively expressions can be a little scary. If you have music that you usually dance to, you will feel more at ease and be able to bring out what you look like when you perform. Bring a variety of songs for different moods. Some photos you will want to look energetic and some may require you to look depressed or s little emotional.

Can you bring Friends and guest is another topic that we have been asked about. There is no Yes or No answer to this one, on one hand a friend might be able to comfort you or ease the uncomfrable feeling that you get when you are in a strange place. On the other hand they might be a distraction away from the camera,and create a feeling that you get when you get when you are doing something and a lot of people are watching you perform.

And finally the most important thing is that you HAVE FUN!!!

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