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American Girl clothing is casting girls for a upcoming photoshoot. Since the first catalog debuted in 1986, American Girl has given us inspiring products ranging from new born children to adults—from her preschool days of baby dolls and fantasy play through her tween years of self-expression and individuality. Through an assortment of premium-quality books, dolls, clothes, toys, and accessories, American Girl has earned the loyalty of millions of girls and the praise and trust of parents and teachers. The popular company is now casting girls ages 7 to 21 , various ethnicities and backgrounds, must own an American Girl Doll, all levels of acting and modeling experience welcome. This is a great photoshoot experience for aspiring talent of all ages. Do not miss out on your chance to be featured in a American Girl catalog, apply now!American Girl, a photo project. The project will consist of photographs and video documentary and will end with an exhibition and book release. Shoot dates and locations will be determined based on each subject’s availability after initial casting.

American Girl products are marketed and distributed through the company’s award-winning catalog; its website, and at its proprietary retail stores. The American Girl books are also available in bookstores nationwide and this is your chance to audition to audition for a photoshoot to be featured in their catalog.

Since its start in 1986, American Girl has made its entire business to celebrating girls. The company is a subsidiary of Mattel, American Girl is one of the nation’s top multi-channel marketers, with direct, retail, and publishing divisions to serve the American Girl brand and its customers.

The American Girl magazine was launched in 1992 to boost self-esteem, celebrate achievements, and foster creativity in today’s girls and this is your chance to audition for a photoshoot for the very popular magazine. With over 450,000 subscribers, the magazine ranks among the top-ten children’s magazines in the country and is the largest magazine dedicated exclusively to girls. Do not miss our on your once in a lifetime chance to audition for a this photoshoot.

Girls: 7-21, various ethnicities and backgrounds, all levels of acting and modeling experience welcome. If you love American Girl dolls or if you are an aspiring model waiting for your big break than this is your once in a lifetime chance. Anyone interested in auditioning for the American Girl photoshoot please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates, times and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know if you have read the magazine before and if you did what your opinion is on it.


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  1. Hi, my name’s Alexandra, and I LOVE American girl. I’m obsessed with it. I have 3 american girl dolls. I’ve been wanting to model for a couple years now, and I would be so blessed if I had this opportunity to be a model for American girl thank you!

    -Alexandra (nine years old)

  2. Hi my name is Sydnei and i have been wanting to be modeling my whole life i as well also want to be and actress i have been to many workshops for acting and many pictures done for modeling i knew i wanted to be a model at the age of 2 i got an opurttionuty in NYC but i couldnt do it due to pictures done. I think it would be very nice if i could get another oppruinity

  3. Hi my name is Katie I have looked searched hard and good to see if you even had an American Girl Doll that does what I do and looks like me. I’m a huge fan of American Girl I always get the magazines. I love American Girl
    HEIGHT:56 inches or 4″8
    HAIR:dirty blond curly
    Eyes:hazel green

  4. Hello my name is perla
    I’m 10 years old and my sisters name is Daniela
    She is 8 years old .we would really love to be in a american girl magazine or ad .
    Because are dream is to became an actor,singer,and model when we grow up.we have american girl dolls
    Please help are dream come true 🙂
    Thank you

  5. Hello my name is perla
    I’m 10 years old and my sisters name is Daniela
    She is 8 years old .we would really love to be in a american girl magazine or ad .
    Because are dream is to became an actor,singer,and model when we grow up
    Please help are dream come true 🙂
    Thank you

  6. Hello! My name is Mia and I would be honored to be an American Girl Doll model! I love the American Girl Doll’s and their stories. They are a great inspiration to me and all of my friends.
    Height: 4′ 4
    Hair: long blond
    Eyes: light brown
    Age: 7
    DOB: November 17, 2007
    I am active in many sports including, softball, basketball, cheer, and dance. I also won the 2015 Little Miss Firecracker Patriotic Pageant.
    I hope you will consider me for this great opportunity to be an American Girl model!!
    Thank you!!!

  7. 9 years old
    Height 5’3
    weight 82lbs
    hair wet and wavy
    African American could pass for Spanish or Indian (Pocahontas)
    waist 20
    Would love to me a model for American Girl

  8. Elliana is a vibrant 10 year old girl who is in every way the real American girl . She is 4’8 , blond hair brown eyes and a smile to instantly make you her best friend .

  9. Hey what’s up? my name is Kiana 😉 and I am 15 year old girl and I am from Maryland. First I would like to say I have done a ton of research trying to find the right audition where I feel that I can be free to EXPRESS MYSELF and show my love for these amazing dolls that actually teaches young girls like me, history on what it was like to live for certain girls in different time eras. I have always loveddd american girl dolls and especially the movies, because they were always very inspiring and I always learned something after watching them. My personal favorite movie and doll is Samantha Parkington! I have watched her Christmas movie to a point where I memorize almost every line. I know I would be good for this audition, because I genuinely like the American girl doll franchise. They send great, EMPOWERING messages out to young girls like myself and I would be more then happy to spread that message. ♥

  10. Height 4ft 9
    Age 11
    Hair medium brown
    eyes hazel brown

    I would love to have a modeling job for American Girl, I have 8 dolls and I love Isabelle, thank you – hannah

  11. Hi! My name in Anja. I’m 10 years old! I love American Girl dolls!! I ask for them every Christmas!! Everyone tells me I look like Julie!! I would love to be a model for American Girl!!

  12. Hi, My Name is Keara. I am 12 years old.
    Height: 5’3″
    Hair: long red hair that is some-what wavy, but I like to brush it out so its straight
    Eyes: Blue with a tiny bit of brown around my pupil but simetimes my eyes are more of a green color
    Weight: 93
    Why- I love American girl! Also, me and my parents have wanted me to become a model for a long time and my dad thinks I’m at the right age. It would be so fun to model for my favorite company! I have 9 American girl dolls. I started collecting in 2007. I love art, photography’, and piano. I am a photographer too and I take pictures of my dolls and pat them on Instagram! I am Irish and Norwegian. Thank you!

  13. Hi! I’m Emma! I am 5 ft 1 and I have long thick brown hair that a ton of things can be done with it. I also have brown eyes and am 12 years old. I absolutely love creating fashions and wearing pretty much anything. I am not afraid to be in front of people and LOVE American Girl! I have two dolls that I love dressing up and playing with. I love singing, acting, dancing, and I made the volley ball team! I don’t have a lot of modeling experience, but once I get my mind set on something I will work really hard until the task is complete! I don’t mind if I’m on a magazine or website or what ever you would want me to model for! I would be honored and so happy if you chose me to model for you and would work hard every time.

  14. Hi my name is Olivia! I am 11 years old and I love American Girl dolls! I do have 7 dolls in my collection and I would love to be in one of your catalogs!
    Hair: Wavy Dirty Blonde
    Eye: Greenish Blue
    Height: 55 in.
    Please Consider Me!

  15. Rebecca is a beautiful eleven year old girl who has loved all of her American Girl dolls for years! She has no formal modeling experience, but when she saw that this was for American Girl she was so excited at the thought of getting to be in one of the catalogs she has looked at hundreds of times!!

  16. My 10 years old daughter would love to model for American Girl!!! She absolutely love all of American Girl dolls. She is about 4″9 she has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She is very sweet and kind hearted.

  17. my name is Allex and i love american girl dolls
    Height: 5 ft 3
    Hair: long straight dark brown hair
    Eyes: hazel
    Age: 12
    I would love to be a modle for american girl doll! it has been my dream to be a model sense i was a little girl.

  18. I did not finish my last comment so here is info.
    Height:5′ 3″ Town:tryon state:N.C. Skills: violin guitar singing horses volleyball soccer
    Eyes:brown Please if you could find it deep down in your heart to help me with my carrier this would
    Set off my carrier I need to do this to start my carrier thx. If I did sorry to waste your time
    Hair:pretty honey color
    Weight:115 to 125

  19. Hi. My name is Molly Snodgrass. I am 13 years old, and I live in Austin, Texas. I am 5’4″ and I weigh 104 lbs. I have hazel eyes and straight chestnut brown hair. I have had American Girl Dolls since I was very little. Even though I am 13 years old, I make movies with my American Girl Dolls all the time! I am also a subscriber to your magazine. I love your catalogs and what you have done with American Girl. I would really enjoy being an American Girl Doll Model because I enjoy American Girl Dolls and the craft magazines and catalogs I receive in the mail every two months. I feel I would represent American Girl Doll well. Thank you for considering me.

  20. My name is Deanna and I am verrry intersted in being a model for american Girl! I am from Los Angeles, California and I am 15 years old. I play tennis and have danced ballet in the past. I currently take choir at my school. This would be my first job as a model/actress and i know it will be a lot of fun!

  21. My name is Katie-Rose Nicholls. I am eight years old, and live in Atlanta, Ga, although I am originally from Montreal, Qc, Canada. I speak French and English, and love American Girl. I have read 3 American Girl books, have seen many of their movies, love to play with my three dolls and especially love the clothes!
    I would love to be part of an american girl photo shoot or have a part in one of its movies, because I really relate to all the characters. I try hard at school, and like Isabelle and Mckenna, I take ballet, musical theatre, lyrical and gymnastics. It is hard sometimes to balance everything, and keep my grades up, but I love to do it! That’s why I love the American Girl books and movies… It’s like feeling part of a club. One that understands you.
    I hope you consider me and make my dream come true.
    Thank you,

  22. I am Chloe and I really want to model in american girl doll
    Height:4 ft 10″
    Hair: wavy dark brown
    Eyes:choclatey brown
    I love american girl! I just got my first doll last year and
    Now have two more

    • My name is Ryen and I am the biggest fan I american girl doll ever!!!!!!
      Height: 4 ft 3
      Hair: long wavy dirty blond hair
      Eyes: bright blue
      Age: 10
      I would absolutely LOVE to model for American Girl!!! I have 10 dolls and would love to be on an ag doll magazine or website!!!:):):):)

  23. I am reign and I’m twelve years old and a piano player,I love American girl and ive wanted to be in the front page of ag magazine since nine years old so ill just try my best to be in it.


  24. Hi,
    My name is Karina Mendoza and I am going to be turning thirteen
    years old in a few days.
    I have long, thick, wavy brown hair.
    I also have brown eyes, and a light skin color.
    I am 4ft. 10in. – 5ft.
    I live acting, singing, and modeling.

  25. Hello, well i am not a professional model or actor. But i would love to experience this, everyone starts small and works their way up. And my dream is too become a model/actor. It would really mean the world to me, to experience this. But if i don’t get chosen i won’t give up. Never say never. Thank you. 🙂

  26. Savannah is the sweetest 8 year old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She’s been in dance class for 4 years, show choir for 1 year, and girl scouts for 3 years. Savannah is one of a kind. Her generosity glows while volunteering with her grandmother at a local out-reach (mission). She can entertain everyone with singing and dancing skills, she loves to be around a lot of people and always puts a smile on their face. She has a very out going personally and takes very beautiful photos all the time. She can have the camera capture every best angle of her loving, fun personally. Savannah is looking to expand her experience to modeling with American Girl. She loves American girl so much. We would be honored to be apart of your team 🙂

  27. Hello, My name is Samantha, I am 19 years old. I work as a model in and around St. Louis Missouri. I have experience working as a promotional model, runway model, fashion model, makeup model and as a hair model , also was in this years st Louis discover show. I have references as well. I have two photographers that will vouche saying I will be worth your time and that the camera loves me. I have attached professional pictures so you can see what I at least look like. Also my stats are stated below. I also have three years in sales experience, including telemarketing, customer support, retention, cold calling, direct business to business, canvassing, collections, independent sales for Mary Kay, Avon and jewlery. I have references for this as well. I am dependant and fun to work with. I look forward to working with you. Thank you and have a great rest of your week.

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