The Photoshop Scandal: Aerie Is The New Leader In The Body Image Revolution

There has been a lot of controversy in the last few years as Photoshop has become a more dominant part of the fashion industry. The Vogue scandal in particular with Lena Dunham is the most recent thing to hit the web. However, Aerie is one of the few companies in the industry that is speaking out against Photoshop. E! interviewed Amber Tolliver¬† (the 28-year-old model for Aerie’s new campaign) about her thoughts on what she thought about her pictures without Photoshop:

“I do like to see a little retouching on myself,” says Amber. “I mean, any normal person is slightly insecure about little things on their body, and you can blink an eye and poof, it’s gone [in retouching], great.”

But even though Amber admits occasionally it feels good to see her insecurities disappear (naturally!), she feels slighted when she sees herself retouched so heavily that she barely even looks like herself.

“To recreate a human being using a computer process is a bit of an attack on who you naturally are,” says Amber. “Like, if I’m not good enough or if I’m not beautiful enough, then why’d you book me? (E!)

This is a question a lot of women, not just models, are asking themselves today. It is important to remember that you need to be comfortable with the kind of modeling jobs that you are booking for yourself. Never do a job that you are uncomfortable with, including body altering images.

Today, most of the fashion industry is artistically based. It is important to remember that in fashion your body is being used to show off clothing from an art standpoint and not the other way around. Some people feel that women have become too sensitive to the Photoshop scandal, and others feel that from a feminist standpoint that it is not okay. While this is an opinion based issue, it’s still refreshing to have companies like Aerie starting a positive female body image revolution.


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