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Finding Dory Pixar auditions A day after April fools Disney and Pixar made a the big announcement that they will start production on their new film Finding Dory. The sequel to Finding Nemo will hit heaters on November 25, 2015 and this is your chance to audition for several voice over roles in the animated film. According to director Andrew Stanton, Finding Dory takes place about a year after the first film along the California coastline, and features returning favorites Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang, among others. The casting directors are Disney and Pixar are now taking talent applications for several voice over roles in Finding Dory. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime chance, apply now. Ellen DeGeneres, who provided the voice of Dory, is confirmed to be back and could not be happier to be the voice of the blue tang fish named Dory. The new film will be directed by Pixar veteran Andrew Stanton, who directed the original film. “Finding Nemo” won the 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and received three additional Oscars for Best Writing, Original Screenplay; Best Music, Original Score; Best Sound Editing.

Finding Dory will take place about a year after the first film, and features returning favorites Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang, among others. Set in part along the California coastline, the story also welcomes a host of new characters, including a few who will prove to be a very important part of Dory’s life.

Castings for other voice over roles for Finding Dory are now being held, the directors are Disney are looking for voice over talent of all ages to audition for severar roles. If you are interested in auditioning for Finding Dory please submit your contact information along with a resume. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the return of Dori, Nemo and the gang.

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  1. hello my name is Monica and I would love to be a voice in finding dory because I like to detect stuff like go on adventures and im a hard working person I like to get the work done im a goofy crazy out going funny person I can act out and mad/angery character sarcastic character and etc. I act/and do drama at home im really good like like im so serious when it come down to business.
    skills: I can talk in a indian accent and a country accent, dance , acting ,I can rap a little
    height: 4’3 or 4’4 or 4’5.

  2. Hi there!

    My name is Michael! I am 19 years old and currently working to get a BFA in acting at the University of Oklahoma. For as long as I can remember, I have loved watching pixar movies! More than anything in the world, I want to combine my love for acting and my love for pixar movies into one great experience. My professors have always encouraged me to work in voice acting. They tell me that the qualities of my voice are very uncommon and make for a very interesting sound (that would sit especially well in works aimed at potentially younger audiences)! As soon as I found this article, couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The thought that this opportunity even existed seemed so unreal! I would lOVE a chance to work on such an amazing project with such an amazing cast and crew. If you have any questions I would absolutely love to answer them! Thank you so much!

    Special skills:
    Playing Instruments (guitar, bass, drumset, piano, trombone etc)
    *Full résumé available upon request!

    Thanks again! I definitely hope to hear from you again!


  3. hi im victorya bautista im 12 but turning 13 in september i know out of every one you probably wont pick me just to let you that having a pretty high pitch voice would be pretty good for any of the kid rolls or maybe some adult ones i can do some voicing of some cartoons like finding nemo, pokemon, snow white, mickey mouse, power puff girls, and the rug rats i hope you consider for a part in this pixar movie i would truly happy and maybe this would boost my ego to do more stuff like this

    victorya bautista

  4. Hi! My name’s Su and I’m currently 17. I’ve been a huge fan of Finding Nemo since i was 6! Therefore, I would be more than grateful to be a part of its sequel. I have the ability to change my voice because i believe that one’s voice is flexible and the change represents its character’s layers. I’m fluent in English, Turkish, German and I can speak French. Making accents is easy for me. 🙂

  5. Better late then never(its July) ,although im sure the positions have been filled for Finding Dorie voice over voices.
    im going to leave a lttle information for possible future needed voices.
    im a 48 year old female who has no formal acting experience.Unless you consider the innate ability of any women to act,a talent received from birth (you know what im talking about…)and consideration

    My voice…what can i say…different ,unique , high pitched im told,sounds like a young girl of young years,gracie allen-ish,cartoon character without effort,yes i walk through life with this voice of mine.Maybe Pixar is my opportunity to highlight my “squeakyness” with a slight long Island N.Y. accent.A bit Marissa Tormei (My Cousin Vinny-esk).hoping this givesyou an idea what my voice has to offer

    ill say thank you in advance for your time and consideration,
    as i do hope and look foward to hearing from pixar in the future.
    Lorie torzilli

  6. I love voice acting, I do it in my everyday life! Changing characters, while using just my voice is awesome! Acting has always been a passion and I believe I can bring what you’re looking for to the table. I’m 19 with past experience in musicals and local theater and a voice that can morph into any original sound and certain accents that have convinced even natives I grew up there. I hope you’ll give me the chance of a lifetime to pursue my dream. Thank you!!

  7. I would like to be a voice over , because it has been my dream to be a voice of a character and this could be my chance .

  8. Hello, my name is Nathan Lamb and I love Pixar movies. I have done a few shows for the reality TV show Ax Men which will air around November or December of 2015. My crew is called The Lamb Boys. I would love to have the chance to audition for he voice of one of the characters on finding dory. I loved finding nemo and I think it would be an honor to get to do a voice for the sequel. Most people would say I am outspoken and energetic but can be serious at times. I haven’t been into acting long but I love it and it’s something different and unique to add to my vast experiences. It would truly be an honor. Thank you.

  9. Would like to know what kind of fish voices you are looking for? I have a studio and have been working as an audio engineer for the past 3 years. My current client that I am working for is wanting to do voice overs and found that Pixar is looking for fish voices. If you could email or call me back I would appreciate it.


  10. Hi,Im Qui’asia.
    Im A Disney Fanatic. Ever since I was a baby watching Goofy Movie, and Beauty and The Beast and much more, I became obsessed with how they work. I’m actually pretty good at making my voice a little high-pitched and sometimes manly, or sounding like a 5- year old girl. I tried to do Chuckie’s voice from Rugrats, it somewhat sounded like him, but more girly. I’ve been switching my voices when it comes down to kids, who were looking to be entertained. Sometimes I would make them feel better by pretending if I was a character from like a cartoon, or just something I can come up with. I’ve also taken Tv/Video Production Class during my Freshman year (I am now a Junior) and will be doing Tv/Video Production Adv. this year. I would definitely love to become a voice over actress and be able to star in many movies, that Disney has for me.

  11. Hi there! I would be absolutely perfect for doing something like this, because I love doing voiceovers! Even though I have no experience at all, I still think I’d be perfect for doing a voiceover for “Finding Dory”. Ever since I saw “Finding Nemo” in 2003, I couldn’t stop laughing because of Dory. She just stole the entire show! Anyway, I’m hoping that I would be given an opportunity like this!!

  12. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Laura Wright and I am a bay area native who grew up watching Disney and Pixar animations. I always find happiness in Pixar’s productions because I feel they teach great values to its’ viewers, all the while keeping us entertained, which often times is difficult to achieve. Throughout the years I have struggled with deciding what I wanted to do in life. I could be a physical therapist, a baker, a business owner, a biologist, the possibilities are endless. But something keeps driving me to the same result of me not doing any of those things. Not to say I am not capable of doing these things but something greater is telling me that I was destined to do something different, something better, something that I want to do for the rest of my life. And now I realize that time and opportunities will keep passing until I act upon them. So, with that being said, I want to be in entertainment, I want to make people laugh and be someone people can look to for inspiration. Whether it be voiceovers for animations or acting for live action films or TV series, I want to be a person that left a mark on peoples’ hearts. That is why I am interested in this once in a lifetime position and I hope that this can be the start of my lifelong journey. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Wishes,
    Laura Wright

  13. I have a great voice, and I can change my voice to sound any way I want it, either higher or lower. I am capable of doing a British accent, and am willing to learn or do whatever you need for this movie! Also, I am a huge fan of the first movie, and because of my passion for it, I think I would do a great job. I am fourteen years old, and I have a huge dream of being an actress. Thank you so much!!!

  14. I am currently taking Animation classes over at COC in Valencia, CA. And I absolutely love Pixar Animation Studios, I think voice acting would be a great new experience to try out. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to audition! This would be amazing!

  15. I am old dinosaur, however have the ability to do voices like a child , drill instructor , African american voice,
    lady preacher ,sexy woman , snob ,street person , voice of Roseanne barr perfect, a moms voice , a helpful friends voice . I can do inprov , I am tenacious , I do stand up comedy I am not famous , I love to pretend and dream and let my inner imagination take me places I’ve never been to i always wanted to do voiceovers .
    I will work hard not complain I desire is to make money so can eat good food and buy furniture for my apartment I am poor very poor but I will never give up on my dreams the lord walks with me I will wait .
    (CALL ME)

  16. I have been enchanted by animated films since I saw my first Disney movie in the theater. As I’ve grown older, I enjoy watching “behind the scenes” extras of actors making those animated characters come to life. I had the good fortune recently to record a commercial for the company I currently work for, and found that I enjoyed it quite a lot! I would love the opportunity to do this again, and I believe that I could bring quite a bit of energy and variety to the audition!

  17. I have been enchanted by animated films since I saw my first Disney movie in the theater. As I’ve grown older, I enjoy watching “behind the scenes” extras of actors making those animated characters come to life. I had the good fortune recently to record a comercial for the company I currently work for, and found that I enjoyed it quite a lot! I would love the opportunity to do this again, and I believe that I could really believe that I could bring quite a bit of energy and variety to the audition!

  18. Hi! So, my family and my husband have encouraged me to send in my “cartoon voice” that I have had since I was young. This was the first thing that came up when I googled voice over auditions for cartoons. I really did like Finding Nemo, however, and my dad is an aquatic scientist. A fish may be the perfect first fit for my voice. Thanks!

  19. I have a great voice, soft, slight downsouth country, soultry voice that will fit well in Finding Dory plus I’m a huge fan of Nemo thanx to my babygirl lol. She loves that movie.

  20. I would love to submit my resume and voice samples!!!! I am an actress living in Tennessee with a dream. As you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of opportunities here, but I still hold onto the dream of doing an animated feature film. I am also a mother of 4 and Nemo is my all time FAVORITE, and I LOVE Ellen as Dory. If we admit it, we ALL have a little Dory living inside of us!!!!!! Thanks for giving us commoners this opportunity!!!!

  21. Hello! my name is Ashley ! i have a really high pinch voice i am 21 and i sound like an 6 year old! everyone tells me i should be a disney voice over! i really love disney moives and i love finding Nemo! i have a very bubllly personalty and people often think i am hopped up candy or sugar or something lol but this just me! i love to have the chance at an voiceover for disney!

  22. I am a 36 year old girl with a unique annoying voice. I’ve always hated the way I sound but friends keep pushing me to do voiceover work.

  23. When I was a kid I love to watch Dora but I got bigger but I still watch Dora a little bit but Dora is still one of my favorite shows and one day I wish to play in it.I hope yall call my soon.

  24. I have no experience in acting, but not all actors do. I was brought up around comedy and hearing different voice sounds. The first voice I was able to do was Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Then I tried out more and got it. But, then as I got older, my voice started to mature up and I couldn’t do as much as I had hoped. Here I am now, 21 years old and my passion is voice acting. I’m here to try and change my life. I’m one of those people who live by DSS, but have a talent I’d like to share. I figured, maybe this would get me somewhere.

  25. Hello there! Im Nicole, Im 18 years old with brown hair and brown eyes. Im about 5’5 and live in a small town in New Jersey called Delran. I really don’t have any experience in this field, but i can catch onto things very quickly. I have been a huge Disney/Pixar fan growning up and it is a dream of mine to be the voice of a Disney/Pixar character. And Disney is the place where dreams come true (:

    Thank you x

  26. Hello my name is kirk Mathis Jr. and would like to Audition for a role in the movie finding dory. I’m am 19 years old, 5’7; 145, african-American men I am from Austin Texas and I go to college at blinn in Brenham Texas. One reason Why I would audition for a role is because I seen the movie before and I think a very good movie and I would like to be apart of it. My little nephew loves that movie and it would be cool to act in his favorite movie. I hope you guys can consider me movies as a actor in this movie and hope I can for fill my dream as an actor. My email is Mathis.Kirk1@gmail.com if you guys need to contact me. Thank you again and hope you have a great day.

  27. hi I would like to do a voice over for finding Nemo and it has always been my dream.., to be one for a very long time, and this would be a great first time experience for me, I have a great voice I took theatre arts 3 times in high school. and still (currently in high school). but it will great for me to get me out there with the rest of the famous voice actress people. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME TO PLAY A PART IN “FINDING NEMO ! 🙂 thank you:)

  28. Dear Sir, This maybe too late, but I have dreamed of doing voice overs for Disney ever since I was a little girl. I would love the opportunity to audition for voice overs in Finding Dory or any Disney film. I was a voice performance major in college and have sung in many groups and performed with groups in the White House and Carnegie Hall just to name a few. I can send my resume as requested. Please provide information on where to send my resume. Thank you for the opportunity.

  29. My name is Jasmin I live in Texas and I am 16, my ethnicity is african american and german. My hobbies include cooking, and comedy.I love making jokes, all of my friends think I’m super funny, they all told me I should try to see if I could get a part in Finding Dory. My little sister’s birthday is november 25 and she loves Finding Nemo so the best present for her would be getting a part in this great movie.
    Jasmin Landers

  30. Hello, my name is Sarah Downes and i would personal like to voice act for the movie “Finding Dory”. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies in the world i seen it over above 100 times and dory is my favorite character in it, she really make s me laugh everytime i hear a funny thing. Plus Disney is my life for over since i was 2 years old i been to disney world many times and loved seeing finding nemo the musical in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I loved to sing and dance throughout my life and i think this would be a great pleasure to really start my career as an actor. At my school i join the Forensic team and i start really know so much about acting and aslo i did 3 school productions at my school but im an outcast of the show. But i didn’t really think that i could do it anymore but it is really hard for me. I wasn’t the smartest kid in my class and also being a most talent dancer or even to try and try and try again untill i get it right the first time to nail a dance step right. So thankyou for your time and i would be greatful for taking your time and to think about what is best for everything you done and i would be trying to work hard and to make all of you guys so proud.

  31. hello,my name is jason and im 11 years old. i always wanted to become a voice actor that’s why im going to school for. i been making impressions when i was 6. i would really like being part of the movie. THANK YOU!

  32. Hello, my name is Koteesha and i’m 25 years old. I’m real GA southern girl but would love to get in some type of acting or modeling. I really into modeling for a magazine. I would love if I get chosen because I have always wanted to be apart of a movie or even voice of an animated movie!!!

  33. Hi! I know I’m a year late with giving y’all my information, but better late than never, I always say! 😀
    My name is Casie Myers and I’m 16 years-old; I’ve always loved speech and theater and when I was younger, I would do voice overs for my little siblings’ webkinz videos all the time. I don’t have a link for any of those videos, but I would love to show y’all my potential – and not just with some of my homemade webkinz videos haha!

    I would be very humbled if’n you ever decide to contact me – even if it’s to tell me ‘no thanks!’ Because I’ve always loved Finding Nemo and I’m sure Disney and Pixar are going to do a wonderful job with Finding Dory – which is why I would love to be apart of it!

  34. I am 12 years old, white, have straight short blond hair and am roughly 4′ 11″.
    I would love to be in finding dory and have been waiting to hear that there are casting calls.

  35. I am an audio engineer of 12 years. I am 30 years old with a young spirit but an extreme maturity when it comes to work. I have a lot of young children in my life. I have five nephews and nieces that are under the age of 8. I also have my own daughter that is five. I read stories to them all the time and they love when I make my different character voices.
    I Have also done some over dub work for radio and television in the past. I would be a great asset to a Disney Pixar Character in a movie. I am a team player and passionate about what ever job I am under-taking. To pass me up and not give me a chance would be a mistake. I am original and once you hear what I have t0 offer you want me on the team. Thank you for your time.

    Respectfully yours,

    Justin Pulis

  36. Hi! My name is Madelyn, but everyone calls me Mady. I would love to do a voice over for Finding Dory, I’m on Facebook if you want to see things about me. I would love a chance to do a voice over, so i hope i get the chance! Thank you,
    Madelyn 🙂

  37. Name: Lemel Glasper
    Age: 15
    Race: African American
    Current Job: Stand Up comic

    Hello, my name is Lemel Glasper. I love Disney movies. Finding Nemo was one of my favorite Disney productions. I am a very good speaker. My speech is “on piont”. I aldo believe that I will be a better candidate for a part in this movie than any other person who commented to get a part in this what seems to be a fantastic movie in process. My email is Lemel.glasper@gmail . Thank you for reading.

  38. The classic dash of ”Finding Nemo” was epic, it was a phenomenon for Disney and Pixar. I love every characters from the first film and with a return of a sequel I think it’s going to be a masterpiece of Disney computer animation. I learn like a bunch of lines from ”Finding Nemo,” and I want to have a chance to audition for this movie. Please contact me with any information for the audition at 321- 525- 5422

  39. Hello! I am Sara Wilkinson and I am 13 years old and have a passion for singing and acting.
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 157
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: Blonde, wavy/curly, middle of back length
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/ Caucasian
    Location: Florida
    Hobbies: Acting, singing, writing songs, dancing, hanging out with friends, and being myself.
    Acting experience: 2 years of “Drama Kids” <– it's an acting class. Many auditions, 2 plays: 1. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 2. Murder at Mornington Manor.
    Modeling experience: Modeling in a mall on a stage for Payless shoes, and JCPenny's clothes.
    Singing experience: singing at "Camp Z talent show" "Dreams" by Hannah Montana, and i sang at my 4th grade talent show "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.
    I love singing and acting and would give anything to be in this movie, Demi Lovato is my inspiration and I would love to work with her and everyone else in the crew. Thank you and email me: saramar521@gmail.com or call me: 941-776-8660:)
    here are pictures of me: 1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=443834505684975&set=a.105121832889579.8411.100001752891192&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fsphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-snc7%2F387461_443834505684975_793003942_n.jpg&size=600%2C600
    2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=386781434723616&set=a.105121832889579.8411.100001752891192&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fsphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-ash3%2F541259_386781434723616_427162097_n.jpg&size=720%2C720
    3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=404883476246745&set=a.105121832889579.8411.100001752891192&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fsphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-prn1%2F561718_404883476246745_263019702_n.jpg&size=720%2C960

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