The Growing Popularity of Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Models
The Growing Popularity in Plus Size Modeling

In this day and age we are seeing plus size modeling become one of the more popular parts of the model industry. A large reason for this type of growth in this area is because a plus size model is considered to have a more realistic figure. That is not to say that other types of models are fake, simply that the average woman relates better to how a plus model is built. This type of recognition and popularity is a large reason why there is a demand for these models in the entertainment business.

Marilyn Monroe: The Perfect Plus Size Model

marilynmonroeWhen most people think of a plus model they generally think of someone who may be out of shape or overweight, but that is not always the case. Plus modeling is all about curves and one of the curviest models in history was Marilyn Monroe. Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe was actually a size 16, which places her perfectly in this part of the industry.

Monroe was a beautiful and beloved historical figure. She is the perfect role model for a full figured curvy model. Part of the reason she was so dynamic was her personality showed through on film, and she was able to make her curves work for her. The sparkle in her eyes made her irresistible. By letting your personality shine through, you too will also be successful whether you are a thin or a full figured curvy model.

The Rise of Curvy Models

The modeling world is still full of thinner models, but there has been an increase of more full figured and curvy models in the industry. People are more attracted plus size modeling because they are able to relate with the model and it help them feel better about themselves. A curvy model can represent the type of clothes that are sold in most department stores. They can even show how the pieces will look on other people, which is what the customer want.

How to Become a Plus Model

In any type of modeling field there are plenty of potential models. However, in plus size modeling there is less competition. That is what makes it such an exciting career. Plus models need to know how to pose in front of the camera. Working with an agent who will show you how to use angles to make yourself look best for pictures will make you a sure pick for job opportunities.

If you are interested in being a plus size model, the time is now. The needs are urgent and the demand is increasing. There are job opportunities available in many different venues. Whether the runway is of interest to you, or you prefer being in front of the camera, there are jobs available.

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