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Prank Lab
Prank Lab

The guys from Punk’d are back with a new show called Prank Lab and it will be hidden cameras to the internet. The first 40 episodes of the show will air on Machinima Prime, a new premium content channel and will focus more on “real life” pranks than celebrities doing the deed. The networks hope the relativity of the show will inspire viewers to complete and submit their own pranks. Prank lab will be produced by Ashton Kutcher. The directors are now looking for contestants on the new show. They are looking for males and females that are willing to prank their unsuspecting friends and family. This is a great opportunity to get back at someone and at the same time get some TV exposure.

Like “Punk’d,” “Prank Lab” also will center on hijinks involving unsuspecting victims, but the focus will not be on embarrassing celebrities like Justin Timberlake. Instead, the show will encourage audiences to be more actively involved in the antics unfolding on screen. “The idea is to take the audience inside how you do these pranks so they become co-conspirators,” Batt said. “We’re going to allow them to comment on the action and we’re going to have our actors respond to the comments. That’s something you can’t do on television, and it allows the show to become more integrated into the audience’s world.” Prank Lab’ is a celebration of sophomoric humor and is sure to be a hit amongst audiences.

The casting directors at Katalyst are looking for people to participate in the show. Talent that are interested must be outgoing, open minded and funny. If interested in auditioning for the show please submit your application along with a photo and basic contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and leave us a comment telling us if you plan on watching Prank Lab.


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