3 Must-Have Accessories for Preteen Models

Preteen ModelsToday, more and more parents are introducing their kids to entertainment and the arts. With millions of children and teenagers seeing the benefits of a modeling career, it is easy to see why modeling is becoming so popular. If you are a parent of a preteen model or young model yourself, here are 3 must-have accessories to display your style and fashion sense.


No matter if you are a boy or girl, having a pair of stylish glasses is key to fashionable modeling. If your young model requires prescription lenses to correct a vision issue, ensure their glasses complement their specific style and personality. Glasses may be necessary for them, but they should wear them in a way that makes them happy and confident. If your child does not need prescription glasses, be sure they have a great pair of sunglasses to wear in and out of the spotlight.


Many parents are against their children using a smartphone, but mobile technology is imperative for today’s youth. In addition, your young teen model must have a smartphone to ensure a successful modeling career. Using a calendar for upcoming jobs, checking emails, and interacting on social media are not trends, but necessary tasks for your preteen’s lifestyle. Be sure they have a good quality smartphone so they can socialize and market their talents.


A high self-esteem is important for children, but it is even more important for young teens landing modeling jobs for the first time. Considering the preteen years are already overwhelming, encourage your young model how to look and feel confident. Unfortunately, this can be challenging since many successful preteen models become overly confident.This is a hard line to balance, so parenting them correctly is key. Teach them how to be respectful, disciplined, and smart while working with clients and modeling coaches. Children and teens who are confident and polite will be the most successful.

Your preteen will see and learn a great deal while modeling at a young age. Using these guide of must-haves, you will help your child be happy and successful while still being a young person.

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