Print Ad Casting for GQ Magazine

Print ad talent casting

Popular men’s magazine GQ has announced that they are holding auditions for a print ad that will be featured in the upcoming issue .Gentlemen’s Quarterly was launched in 1931 in the United States as Apparel Arts, a men’s fashion magazine for the clothing trade, originaly GQ was only sent to wholesale buyers and retail sellers. Initially it had a very limited print run and was aimed solely at industry insiders to enable them to give advice to their customers. The popularity of the magazine with retail customers, who often took the magazine from the retailers, sparked the creation of Esquire magazine in 1933. The editors of the popular magazine have put out a casting notice that they are looking for one male and one female model for the upcoming print ad. If you are a fan of the magazine and think you have what it takes to graze a page for a print ad, do not wait apply now!GQ is published in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA.

The magazine reported an average U.S. paid circulation of 824,334 issues per month an in 2010, spending on print advertising was estimated at $142.5 billion in the United States and $467 billion worldwide. This is your chance to appear in a page of one of the most popular men’s magazines.

The editors for the magazine are now holding castings and auditions for one male and one female model over the age of 18 to be in the new print ad. They are looking for models over the height of 5’7 for females and 5’10, previous modeling experience preferred but not necessary. If you are interested in auditioning for this DQ magazine print ad please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates, locations and the print ad photo idea and as always leave us a comment and let us know if you have read an article from GQ or if you are a magazine subscriber.

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  1. My fiance’s boss commented on one of his photos recently saying he looked so GQ… I had no idea what GQ was until yesterday and I have to agree with him! So I just submitted a photo I took last weekend of him having fun while shopping for his wedding attire! Hope you see the potential I see!

  2. Anyone that qualifies to be picked for this casting call deserves it. Am just new to this and a friend told me I should try modeling and so here I am. Thank you for taking the time to read our comments.

  3. I’m sending you a photograph of one of the most handsome, gorgeous, sexy gentlemen I know. and he is fit. He would make the perfect model for GQ. Give us a call you wont be sorry.
    He has the look you’re seeking…
    I informed him I was submitting his photo and his reply was if he’s asked to model he would…. Okay GQ! What are you waiting for, Put this Handsome, Gorgeous Gentleman to work!!!!!!

  4. Sería un placer placer para mí, tener la oportunidad de engalar en prestigiosa revista, ya que me considero una latina naturalmente sexy y encantadora. Deseo ser considerada. Gracias.

  5. I have the right attitude, experience, and looks to be a successful model. Although, I’ve only had a little taste of modeling, I am all set to work at random schedules and offbeat work-hours. I believe your search ends here.

  6. Well first, I love to dress up. I wear a blazer to school everyday and I think looking nice is a way of life. Second, I recently got a concussion and I can’t play sports anymore, so I want to find a passion in my second love of taking pictures. It has always been a dream of mine to be on GQ and I would love this opportunity.

  7. It has always been a dream and one of my goals to be featured in GQ magazine my friends call me GQ because I love to dress up. I just love the magazines whole entire concept of showcasing grown and sexy to the world. I’m 5’6 and although most say I will never stand a chance in that field of work being a male I choose to keep striving off of it to better myself as an all around person as well as my confidence I’ve built/ gained and continue to gain as I grow. Being featured in GQ magazine would mean the world to me because it will mean so much more in my eyes then fashion but the reality of never giving up and chasing your dream.

  8. I haven’t post a picture of myself as of yet
    let me tell you a little about myself
    I am a college student 6 foot 4 I play college basketball
    I never thought about being a model until I was walking in a mall with some friends
    and some girl came running down the mall yelling listen you I was not sure who she was talking to
    I said me she said yes, would you like to model it was Hollister I said Thank you anyway but I am in college.
    I am part Hawiian , and have dark hair. The more I think about it this is something I would love to do. so I am not sure if this letter will ever get to you. but just maybe it will. Thank you so much for at least reading it.

  9. I would like to pose for the GQ shoot. I am a beautiful black beauty. GQ is notorious for bringing to life visually enticing images that tantalize and seduce the viewer. I would like to convey a sleek image of pristine quality with an alternative edge. The concept behind the visual is metallic contrast. The ideal is a play off my dark skin and water with material of the type like the jeweler’s metal tungsten. I think the male model should be of another race. Lately, I have seen more African American women dating out of our race. In keeping with this concept, I suggest a shoot doing just that. Black/white/metallic, with pops of color like red or blue, with a clean cut but scruffy racially ambiguous male.

  10. I have a very pleasant , positive and amusing presence. I do have charisma and am an enlightenment to hang out with. You won’t be disappointed if you picked and worked with me. Clothing is the best way for a man to express his artistry

  11. Modeling is an art.Its used to express the emotion or mood given in that certain scenario.I have a bold look;Sharp eyes,Intense Eye brows.I know that it will add that unique and theatrical feel.

  12. I am very interested in becoming a model. I am just starting to build my portfolio as I am new to the business. I very much appreciate a chance at showing you my skills. I take all my work very seriously and strive at being the best at what I do, no matter what it is.

  13. Easy to be a new Model for GQ. I can say a lot things but i will resume everything. Everyone ask me if i am a model from GQ, i look GQ Guy. So i am ready to go forward with this and be Part of the Team.

  14. Clothing is everything. It brings out personality, confidence, and it can attract people. I would like to be part of this because dressing and looking good is a way of life. Knowing what the designer was thinking to create their clothing line and what inspires them

  15. I’ve always dreamed of being a model , I care allot a it my feature , especially my facial features and I brmive that my look will b great for GQ magizine. I want to be able to show people that everyone has a great future if u go after what you want . Choose me & I’ll soon be the face of GQ Magizines all over the world

  16. I Want to be an inspiration to someone one day. I know this is only a dream, but many others have chased their dreams and accomplished the same. I want to prove that dreams can become reality.

  17. Pick me give me an opportunity to show my self and a chance to do something great with my life. Every one deserves at least one opportunity In life to do what’s important to them by doing something we love but its up to that person to take responsibly and take that chance and try that’s how u know if u really want it

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